These kids are in trouble, but their dad has to stop laughing first

I’ve always heard that two kids are easier than one because they keep each other occupied, but sometimes they get each other in trouble, too. Take these kids, for instance. No one knows whose idea it was originally, but at some point they decided it would be an absolute BLAST to cover each other in paint. And boy, howdy, did they do a great job of it!

Their dad is trying so hard to be a strong parent and let them know they are in trouble, but you can tell from his voice he’s having a super hard time not laughing at the situation. I mean, c’mon…his kids are greenish and reddish and it’s literally all over them. I, for one, am glad he grabbed the camera before he hosed them down. Keep that sense of humor, dad! I’m guessing you’re going to need it with these two!

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