At this point most of us have heard the Vance Joy song “Riptide” in all its beautiful glory. Ten  years ago Brittany McConahay was a prolific singer and enjoyed performing regularly. Then, a couple of years ago she developed vocal nodes and lost her ability to perform. After therapy and singing with her church choir, Brittany had begun regaining some of the confidence she once enjoyed. That’s when her husband caught her practicing Riptide in a darkened room, and decided to record her. Now, before you judge him, once he told her about the recording she was thrilled. And once you hear it, you’ll understand why! Listening to herself on that recording gave Brittany the confidence to start performing again and the world took notice. Not only has this video gone viral, but the story was picked up by news outlets everywhere. We wish Brittany the best and many more years of beautiful singing to come!

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