SAHM’s will either LOVE this, or HATE this…

Fair warning: while this doesn’t have anything Too too off the wall, maybe watch it with headphones or during nap time. Basically, I’m in love. As a SAHM I have heard (and maybe said) most of these at some point in my life and I couldn’t stop LAUGHING the entire time I watched this. I hope you love it as much as I did!!

Seriously? Have you ever been in a mom-petition with another mom before? Like, you aren’t Really competing, but still you want to one up her just a little?? Yeah. Been there…couldn’t stop laughing, and I hope you loved it, too!

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No wonder this has gone viral! I can’t imagine if my husband did something like this!

daddy dubsmash

Every time his mom and dad kiss, this baby does THIS!

jealous baby