Every time dad tries to cut her nails, this baby does THIS…

None of us want to see our babies in pain, and it’s even worse when we’re the reason for that pain. Who hasn’t accidentally made their baby cry from time to time? Well, this baby seems to be onto a secret: She’s figured out that if she cries when dad tries to cut her nails, he stops. So she does that. Not a real cry, mind…this baby has figured out how to PRANK her own father into not cutting her nails – and it’s HILARIOUS!

Seriously, could she BE any cuter? I think not. Plus, she totally has dad wrapped around her little finger already and she’s probably not even a year old. Good luck with the rest of your life, dad! You’re a gonner…this cutie’s gonna be the death of you. But also, please keep making videos of her, ’cause I need to see her more. She’s just too adorbs!

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