Moving Day…Again

This weekend here in the Gregory’s is bringing a new address in midtown Dallas, this is our fourth move since 2006. You would think that would make me a pro, well that would be a big fat negative.

moving boxes

If anything I think each move is getting more and more unorganized. I have no idea how moving with a a baby is going to go, I am terrified of how Ian will transition.

So if you have any tips for moving with a baby or moving in general please pass them along.


  1. I am a moving pro and yet I still suck at it. I have moved over 20 times in the last 11 years (about to move again in two weeks). I have moved during each of my four pregnancies. Evan is the only one of my kids (he will be two soon) that has never moved.

    Kids do amazingly well during moves. Really, mine never really cared. New house…cool. Chase was 1 during our last move and he never let on that anything changed.

    I am the most unorganized mover so I offer no help there.

    Don’t worry about the kid…he will be fine!

  2. I LOVE moving! I know, I know…I’m one of THOSE people…anyway I DO have some tips for you!

    1. Pack Ian’s diaper bag with extras that you’ll need – extra clothes, extra paci’s, extra toys, etc. This way you don’t have to rummage through tons of boxes when he is upset and in need of comfort from some of his “normal” surroundings.
    2. Pack an overnight bag for yourself with all the things YOU will want easy access to. Keep this in the car with you.
    3. Packing by room/area is usually easiest, especially if your new floor plan has the same number of rooms/areas as your previous one. If not – I suggest packing to suit your NEW floor plan, so you can just dump boxes in their new space and you won’t have to figure out what goes where in the new home.

    Happy moving – and GOOD LUCK!

  3. Aren’t you totally unpacked by now? You can throw this back in my face when I move in a few weeks.

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