New Year Resolutions are HARD!

And we try.

Adele Hello Parody Song Hella Cravings salt falling on fries
“Hella Craving for some fries…”

We ALL try to do better by ourselves – for our families, for our health, for the hours we spend looking for bathing suits each spring, but let’s face it…cravings and temptation are going to make caving in pretty much inevitable.

This is probably the most relatable video I’ve ever seen and I had to HAD TO share it with you.  It is based on Adele’s Hello and this parody contains hella cravings!

“Hella cravings for some fries…I did one push up and then I cried…”


I seriously can’t stop laughing at this video. Crazy that we go through this, right? I mean, not that we’re going to stop, but still.


Happy New Year, folks!

Try not to let the temptations get you down!

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