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blogging 101 for WordPress

Uploading pictures to your post in WordPress shouldn’t be a tricky, or time consuming, task.   To help streamline the process we, the technologically aware department at BurbMom, decided to walk you through it step by step.   We’re sure that in no time you’ll be uploading pictures from your adventures with your friends and family, your quirky purchases, and your savored recipes.   In the event that you’re feeling a bit frisky or sassy and wanting to post pics from your most recent vacay with the hubby, just remember: what happens at BurbMom, doesn’t stay at BurbMom…

Start by choosing “Add New” under the posts tab on the left menu bar.   The post editor will open up and look like the photo below.   Next to the “Upload/Insert” title, you’ll see 4 picture icons, the first one is for uploading pictures.   Click it.

creating a post in WordPress and adding pictures

After you click the icon a new window will pop up, over the post.   The post will be “grayed out” but you can still see it in the background.   First, make sure you are on the right selected tab of this new window.   You should be on the tab, “From Computer” because you will be uploading files off of your personal computer.   Once you have made sure you are on the correct tab, you will need to choose “Select Files,” do this by clicking on the “Select Files” button.

Uploading images into a WordPress post

Clicking the “Select Files” button will open a third window which gives you access to the files on your computer.   Locate the picture file you are wanting to upload and once you select it, click Open.   (Note: You make upload several files at once, simply click the first one and then hold down the Ctrl button while you click on the other picture files you want to upload.   Once they are all highlighted, click Open.)

Uploading images from your computer into a WordPress post

The file(s) will begin uploading to WordPress immediately.   Once it is done with the upload, you will have a preview box of sorts that allows you to view what you have uploaded.   Use this preview box to make sure everything is set up right for the insert.   First, you can see a preview of part of your image in the upper left hand corner.   Double check this to make sure you chose the right picture! Next you can change the title of your picture to whatever you like, and then you can decide how you want to align your picture in the post. For BurbMom posts we recommend either a Left or Center Alignment.

Finally, you can choose the size you want your picture to be when you insert it to the post.   The sizes listed under each size (Full, Large, Medium, and Thumbnail) are in (Width x Height).   PLEASE NOTE: BurbMom only allows pictures that are 530 pixels wide or smaller.   (I know the photo says 550, but really, that’s cutting it kind of close! 530 is a MUCH SAFER bet!) The height of the picture doesn’t really matter, but the width MUST BE 530 pixels or smaller.   If the Full Size option lists dimensions that are wider than 530, you will need to either re-size the image or choose a smaller size (such as Large or Medium) – DO NOT choose Thumbnail size for pictures in posts, they are too small and people won’t be able to see your pics!

Inserting the image into the WordPress post

Once you have double, and triple, checked the size, you can look for the Magic Button: Insert into Post and CLICK IT!

Voila!   Your picture should now appear in your post and you can move it in between text lines, or place it at the beginning/end of your post.   Then just save your post as Pending and we’ll take care of the rest!   Happy Inserting!

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  1. Bianca– I don’t have that Upload/Insert line when I log in to create a post–am I missing something?

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