When You See What’s Written On The Paper, You’re Going To Smile [Video]

No matter the season, things can feel hurried and overwhelming.

That can all stop with a smile.

Be the reason someone smiles video - Kids Activities Blog
Be the reason someone smiles today…

It is easy to let the bad and frustration get to you, so it’s more important than ever to try to find things to lift you up and make you smile.

I think this video will do that…

The Red Paper Video

There, didn’t that make you feel better?

It’s as easy to spread happiness as it is to spread frustration…what are you going to share?

Paying It Forward!

Do you have a great story about paying it forward? 

She Changes His Sign Video

One little change in perspective made all the difference…

More Reasons to Smile from Kids Activities Blog

Are you inspired to make your own red paper?