Wedding Dress Decisions

bianca profileSo I ™ve been thinking about dresses for the wedding. Specifically “ mine.   I had a quincinera when I was 15 and my mom took me to a bridal store and we bought a gown for me to wear to the party.   It was a bridal gown and it had puffy off-the-shoulder sleeves.   Hey “ it was the mid-nineties ¦puffed off-the-shoulder sleeves were HOT.   The lacy fingerless gloves? Ok, I ™ll give you that one “ they were NOT.

Now that I ™m coming full circle and again contemplating buying an over priced super white dress, I ™m kinda thinking my views have changed. For one “ I ™m highly considering buying a used gown.   The sheer thought of this horrifies my mother.   Perhaps this is why she was so generous in offering to pay for a gown.   Great. I have pitied my mother into buying me a bridal gown ¦

Still, I just can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on a dress I KNOW I ™ll only wear once!   My main problem with this? Women who consider THIS a beautiful, very simple wedding dress.   Or who are actually believing I would want my wedding dress to fit like THIS.

So maybe I should buy new?   While looking for new dresses I came across a several sites that offer to duplicate couture gowns for a fraction of the cost. And I just don't mean a small fraction “ we're talking a large fraction!   Gowns that sell for thousands of dollars are being replicated and sold for two to three hundred.   The catch?   You don't get to try it on until you own it.

They can offer such great deals because their overhead is low “ and they love what they do.   So what do I do? Simply try on styles of dresses I love, get my professional measurements and send them a check, with my measurements, and a photo of the gown I ™d like.   Seems simple, right?

And I mean, even if it's a total rip off “ at least you only lost two to three hundred dollars.   You could still go buy an inexpensive gown and cut your losses.

The gown duplications are pretty awesome “ it's just a lot of trust in several unverifiable factors.

What do you think I should do?


  1. I got mine at a consignment shop, check there first.

  2. I got mine for $99 at David’s Bridal on sale….it was PERFECT in every way and I was SO excited to have found it for a steal! Seriously, who cares about designer? I say go with the most beautiful, yet cheap, dress you can get your hands on…

  3. I second the David’s Bridal vote. They have beautiful dresses and their prices are very reasonable!

    And, that “platinum” dress – no wonder she cut her face out of the picture! LOL

  4. Whatever you wear you will be the most beautiful bride ever 😉

  5. We definitely recommend buying a used wedding dress. They ™ve usually only been worn once and probably for only 5 hours! There are tons of sites that can connect you with local sellers so you can see the dress beforehand, try it on, and inspect it for any rips, stains, etc. With sites like eBay you're taking a chance that it looks the same as in the picture and you probably have to pay shipping fees. If you don't like the thought of buying used, these sites also have brand new dresses that are end-of-line or brides who ended up purchasing 2 dresses because they couldn't make up their mind. And once you're done with your dress you can sell it again to recoup 50% of your cost! Best of luck! Be sure to check out

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