Crafty Garden Critters to make with the Kids

This crafty garden critter to make with your kids should be on everyone’s “to do” list this summer. All you need is a matchbox, some felt and whatever odds and ends you have on hand for the little fella’s features.

Crafty Garden Critters to make with the Kids

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What you need to make the Crafty Garden Critter



Googly eyes

Pipe cleaners


Sticky tape


How to make the Garden Critter

crafty garden creatures 1

In the photo above you can see the materials I used to make my critter.

crafty garden creates 2

The larger rectangle of orange felt is cut so it will wrap snugly around the matchbox. The two smaller rectangles of orange felt are to cover the ends of the drawer of the box. I stuck the felt on with a little glue. I use a low temperature glue gun because it’s easy to apply small blobs of glue, it dries quickly and sticks well, but any good craft glue will work.

crafty garden creatures 3

Poke two holes in the matchbox. Cut out some teeth from white felt and glue into place in the matchbox drawer.

garden creatures 4

I’ve cut out four three-toed feet from orange felt and glued each foot to two foam beads. I found the foam beads at the dollar shop and loved their bright colours but you can make the legs from anything you like or find. Discovering new uses for all sorts of bits and pieces can be a lot of fun for kids.

garden creatures 5

Cut out a circle of coloured felt and glue one of the pipe cleaners onto it. Then glue a goggly eye on top of the pipe cleaner as shown above. If you want, you can put a coin onto your felt, draw around it with a soft 2B pencil and then cut around the line to make the circles.

crafty garden creature 6

Poke each of the pipe cleaner eye stalks through a hole in the matchbox. Bend back the bit of pipe cleaner that is in the box so it lies flat against the inside surface of the top of the box. Use a piece of sticky tape to hold it in place.

craft garden creature 7

Glue the feet you made onto your matchbox.  Slide the drawer with the teeth back into the box ¦give your new crafty garden critter a name and go outside and play ¦or stay awhile and create a little group of intimate companions to keep each other company. Here’s my little group planning some mischief:

crafty garden critters

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