Diva Child

shauna profileIts funny how kids develop their own personality, style, tempers, sense of humor and so on. We have all seen Macy's sense of style.   I still dont know where she gets it.   I don't tend to jump out of the box with my style “ I am a sweats and t-shirt kind of girl for the most part “ And Kip is pretty conservative in his style. No pink boas for him (see below).

At the beginning of the school year, I made a point to explain to her preschool teacher that this is a battle that I choose not to fight.   I think I have had to explain this to every teacher that Macy has ever had.

NOTE: There are actually a lot of battles that I choose not to fight with Macy.

This was Macy's choice of accessories for school this morning. I know “ it is very pretty!!   I was able to influence her to leave it in the car before walking into her school.

I just love this child but who knows what is in store for me when she is 16!!

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