IV is 4, right? ˜Cuz this is the fourth in the series…oh, and do I really need to capitalize the c in ˜cuz if it is following an apostrophe? And really, should I be worried about capitalization if I am using words like “cuz” which isn’t really a word it is more of a nick-word.   A nickname for the real word “because” and then if you really think about it I could have used the real word “because” (I prefer air quotes around the word “because”, but have settled for real quotation marks because they translate better on paper/screen), but was told in no uncertain terms during English II that I could NEVER, EVER start a sentence with the word “because” hence (yes, I used the word hence) the use of the word ‘cuz.

If you are still reading, there IS a point to all this…

*drum roll*

It is time to find out what the tweeps of Twitter have to say:

Short Attention Span Interviews FEAT

The short question: What is your dream meal (no calorie or budget considerations)?

The short answers:

@beckypearce: Sushi!

@screweduptexan: I’ve never had lobster!

@FortWorthCajun: That’s a tough one…is this like a “last meal” sort of scenario?

@winonaop: filet mignon w/ gorgonzola sauce, asparagus, and horseradish mashed potatoes.

@MomsOutLoudDFW: A cheeseburger from Chips and shoestring onions with apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert

@jamieharrington: Total dream meal? Mexican food in every shape and form… I can just eat one bite of pretty much everything and move on to the next

@thymeofmylife: Shrimp Scampi with linguine, broccoli w/cheese, angel biscuits,and Mississippi Mud cake for dessert

@PieceMama: I like homemade pasta in a light Alfredo sauce with chop red onions,ground pepper, garlic. Salad. Garlic toast & Zinfandel wine.mmm

@JamieBolerjack: Filet mignon, sauteed asparagus and yeast rolls with creme brûlée for dessert. I’m drooling already!

@FamilyeGuide: Any quiet meal is nice.. I’m not sure I remember what food tasted like when it was hot, but I think it was really good!

@FamilyeGuide: When I was pregnant.. Liversausage on whole wheat bread w/ lots of pickles on it – and cold milk! (sounds kinda gross now)

@halftimelessons: Albacore Tuna sushi, strawberry frozen magaritas, chocolate satin pie, repeat.

@livinglocurto: My DREAM meal…the yummiest…no budget or calorie limitation… Chocolate cupcakes which I made last night and ate 3! Ugh.

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