If you have been following Project Baby Surprise then you know how much has been resting on the results of this mom’s Ultrasound…

project baby surprise

John and Kaysie’s family and friends gathered with Luke and Emily in the waiting room  anticipating  baby’s arrival.


Finally, John came in to the waiting room.   After getting his mic in order for the CBS-11 crew, he made it over to the IPOD to push play!

The music started and Kaysie’s sister, Stephanie, was the first to  yell out….IT’S A BOY!!!!   Sure enough…”Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon was playing.

John and Kaysie’s plan worked perfectly…everyone popped the opposite ballon and all that was left were balloons  of blue!

Everyone heads to the nursery to meet the new little man for the very first time!

Best friend, Iris gets a first peek.

Big Sis sees her little brother for the first time in the safety of her Grandfather’s arms.

Proud Grandmothers.


Big Bro and Big Sis take their turn holding their new baby brother.

Mother and son meet for the first time (stylin’ satin surgery cap, Kaysie!)

Big Bro guessed it right!!

What a great day!!    A huge  “THANK YOU” to the family  for letting us be a part of this very special time.

And, on behalf of the Peekaboo crew…I think I can say, “Phew!   Thank goodness the sonogram was correct once again!!”   No one was happier than us to hear that it was indeed a boy!

Speaking of which,  the family  has more to look forward to.   The nursery will be revealed this weekend!!

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Welcome to Kids Activities!

My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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