24 Outdoor Playhouses Kids Dream About

There are no limits in play and imagination when it comes to outdoor playhouses for kids. So many great life long memories are created in those miniature homes. Whether it’s in a tree or in an old camper, these playhouses are full of adventures we hope these dreamy playhouse ideas for kids will inspire your next backyard project.

outdoor playhouses to dream about - collage of 3 different playhouses for kids set in green backyards
Let’s see some really cool backyard playhouses for kids!

Favorite Outdoor Playhouses For Kids

Whether you have a small or large backyard in need of a playhouse, we hope these cool playhouse designs will inspire you no matter your budget or building ability!

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1. Story Book Cottage for Kids

This fairy cottage looks like from the children’s story book. via Playhousedreams

2. Is it a Playhouse or is it a Treehouse?

Just few steps and you can enter this adorable tree house/play house – let’s call it a platform house! via   Madewithhappy

bungalow 1_1

3. Modern Backyard Playhouse You Can Buid

Modern bungalow with detailed plans and instructions on how to build it. via Ana-white

outdoor playhouses you won't believe - 4 outdoor playhouses for kids
I want that playhouse!

Custom made Outdoor Playhouses For Kids

4. Modern Kids Clubhouse

This cool playhouse is a secret clubhouse for boys and girls where grown-upswoult not dare to venture. via Lilliputplayhomes

5. Diner Playhouse for Kids

How about a playhouse diner? via Lilliputplayhomes

6. White Picket Fence Cottage Playhouse

Princess cottage for real princesses. via Lilliputplayhomes

7. Pirate Playhouse is the Best

Pirate ship playhouse. (p.s. you can almost buy a real house for the price of this playhouse). via   Poshtots

firehouse playhouse for kids shown in backyard - red and gray
Let’s play in the firehouse!

8. Firehouse Playhouse

Any “future firemen” in the house? They would love to play in this Firehouse. via Lilliputplayhomes

outdoor playhouse architect - modern wood playhouse and play place structure for kids
What a fun place to play!

9. Modern Architecture Play Place

This play house has so many active play opportunities. Kids will never get bored hiding from each other in it. via   Archdaily

untraditional playhouses - willow playhouse and climbing blocks playhouse for kids shown in 3 images
I love these playhouses!

9. Calming Willow Playhouse

I am in love with this Willow playhouse. I would totally spend my summer afternoons in it. via Judithneedham

10. Climbing Hideaway Playhouse

An original way to build a playhouse -DIY play-hive. via Handmadecharlotte

playing in payhouse - 3 colorful playhouse designs for kids
I love these colorful playhouse designs!

11. Colorful Playhouse with Clean Lines and Happy Spaces

A huge play house combined with an upper level fort “ your kids will want to move in! via Mycubby

12. Color Block Playhouse for Kids

A playhouse made of color blocks. Great for climbing and other active play. via Hgtvgardens

13. A Frame Playhouse Made from Recycled Doors

I really like this up cycled playhouse made from old doors. via Play-scapes

 Make outdoor playhouse from what you already have…

before-after of a shed turned into a children's playhouse
What a transistion!

14. Shed Turned Kids Playhouse

You can build the most gorgeous playhouse out of an old shed. Can you believe this before and after transformation? via   Judithneedham

outdoor playhouse under stairs and under backyard deck
Shhh…it is a secret getaway playhouse!

15. Build a Playhouse Under Your Deck

If you don’t have a big backyard you can set up a playhouse under your deck. Brilliant idea! via Activebuildingsolutions

Tree Houses/playhouses for kids

outdoor playhouses tree - with slides - two different treehouse playhouse designs shown
Let’s climb a tree to our playhouse!

16. Treehouse Castle Playhouse

A mysterious castle playhouse hiding in the tree. I can see a lot of “sleep overs” there! via Atsecondstreet

17. Spiral Slide Treehouse Playhouse

A tree house with the slide. How fun! via Countryliving

treehouse playhouse - backyard treehouse playhouse shown with spiral stairs around tree and pulley bucket

18. Extreme Treehouse Playhouse

Extreme tree house made by grandpa. Just look at that spiral stairs, the bucket and there is a zip line too! So many details!   via Kidsactivitiesblog

 Our favorite outdoor playhouses on Amazon

amazon playhouses
What cool playhouses!

19. Front Porch Whimsy Playhouse

Modern playhouse Amazon

20. Modern Classic Playhouse

Hide and slide playhouse Amazon

outdoor playhouses that are dreamy and fun for kids - 4 different designs shown
Let’s dream about our playhouse!

Dreamy Outdoor Playhouses For Kids

21. Dreamy Playhouse Decorations

A mom did a really great job on the little decor details on this playhouse. via Fynesdesigns

22. Crooked Playhouse Design Fit for a Fairy Tale

Original crooked playhouse. It’s so cool! via Familyleisure

23. Coolest Playhouse

I would totally live in this house myself… via Bellacupcakes

24. Extreme Tree Houses You Don’t Want to Miss

Check out this big list of extreme tree houses that you will want in your backyard!

25. Indoor Playhouses are Cool Too

These indoor playhouses for kids are great for indoor play and entertainment if you don’t have the outdoor space.

26. Happy Camper Playhouse for Kids

This really fun Happy Camper Playhouse for kids looks like a camper in the backyard and comes complete with a climbing wall!

27. Epic Playhouse Designs

Check out these epic playhouse designs that are extra. A lot extra!

More Playhouse Fun from Kids Activities Blog

What is your favorite outdoor playhouse?

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