25 Indoor Playhouses For Little Dreamers

These playhouses are made for dreaming, improvising, fantasizing and of course for a lot of playing. My kids love Indoor playhouses, because it’s a perfect place to hide and get away from everybody in our pretty small house.

We gathered 25 indoor playhouses for you to dream, get inspired and hopefully make one of your own and if you aren’t the ‘crafty kind’, we got you covered too – there is a list of adorable playhouses for indoors you can purchase.

indoor playhouses for kids

25 Indoor Playhouses For Little Dreamers

I love this modern playhouse as part of the home design. via design-milk

Super cool igloo cardboard playhouse. via Instructables

Did you know you can build a playhouse in the attic. What a great space saver! via Little Nanny Goat

Simple, yet so brilliant plywood playhouse. via Scandinaviandeko

indoor playhouses

Build a playhouse frame, then cover it with whatever you like. via Jaime Costiglio

Indoor closet playhouse. via All Things Heart and Home

How about a playhouse under the stairs? via Joy 2 Journey

Indoor Playhouses Made from Fabric

fun playhouses

Collapsible indoor playhouse. via Sweetest Littles

This little blue house is adorable. via Ikatbag

Playhouse in hallway. Isn’t this genius? via Ikatbag

Playhouse made of felt. via Homemadebyjill

DIY child size doll house. via Confetti Sunshine

How to Make Under Table Indoor Playhouses

indoor playhouses fabric

Table cloth and a playhouse under a table. via Centsational Style

Dinner table + roller blinds = coolest secret playhouse ever! via Country Living

Wooden Indoor Playhouses

indoor playhouses

Built-in playhouse. via Sawdust Girl

Father-built this house for father’s day. via Ohheymason

Indoor tree house/playhouse. via Picapino

Toy story playhouse and… a bed. How amazing is this. via Ana-white

diy cardboard playhouses

DIY cardboard houses. via Abeautifulmess

Collapsible cardboard playhouse. via Sheknows

simple cardboard playhouse. via Lapetitemag

Why build a house if you can make your own play castle. via Builtbykids

Playhouse you can buy

indoor playhouses sale



 Medieval Playhouse castle – cardboard playhouse to color.

I hope you got inspired and are ready to make, build or purchase an indoor playhouse.

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  1. This is adorable! I would love to make this even a little bit bigger and have it for the kids when they get older as a little escape place for when they fight or need a quiet place. Thanks for sharing! Love it!

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