In exactly 1 week, 1 day and 8 hours, the Project Surprise family will find out boy or girl!   So will their family, friends and the rest of DFW! We completed the nursery about 2 weeks ago and the room has been covered and locked up ever since.   John swears he smells blue paint which is really funny since the girl room is a shade of blue and the boy room could be, too.   They left the if it's a boy paint color decision up to us ¦cream or blue.   Love that! As you know, CBS-11 was there while the No Peeking team was securing the room.   We would have taken pics, but we were too busy fighting over the best position in front of the CBS-11 camera; you ™ll have to wait until it airs to check that out. Want a sneak peak of the art work in the room? Luke and Emily received their big bro and sis art kits and got right to work. Kaysie took these pictures as they each created one boy and one girl art masterpiece for the new baby's nursery.   Their creations were all superb! After the art work was complete, we started the nursery. The first two days were all about painting.   The third day was about getting down to business and making sure the nursery will be comfortable for family and functional for baby. We cleaned baseboards, floors, windowsills, brought in the furniture and all of the accessories.   We took inventory of everything they had and made checklists of everything that they will need.   Elizabeth from Elle and Mel came out to deliver all of the fabulous fabric items and helped hang the window treatments. Phew!   It was a lot of work, but believe it or not, by the end of the last day, I didn't want to leave the nursery.   That's how I always know that our work is done. When we ™ve planned and designed a room for months, worked in a room for days, and when it's all done, I don't want to leave.   Now, I hope the family likes it, too. Below is a pic of the door all covered and waiting for the big day.   Can't wait for baby and can’t for everyone to see the nursery! Catch up on Project Baby Surprise “ Introductions First Comes Love Boy Nursery Takes Flight Girl Nursery Fit for a Queen Behind the Scenes with CBS Channel 11 Covering Project Baby Surprise The Family Photo Session

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  1. soooo cute! Can’t wait to see the finished art. I love incorporating children’s art into any room. Often it turns out way more creative and fun than anything you can buy.