These Free Printable Mazes for Kids Are out of This World

If you are looking for easy mazes for kids — like the perfect maze for preschoolers or the funnest (totally a word) maze for kindergarten, you have come to the right place!

Sharpen the pens and find the solution to these free printable pdf mazes that are literally “out of this world” space mazes!

Space Mazes - Shown are 7 easy free printable mazes for kids - preschoolers Kindergarten on a blue background with words space mazes

Which easy maze will your child print first?

Free Printable Space Mazes for Kids

These are great for some no strings attached fun or they can also be used as a fun introduction to learning about the space!

Why Easy Maze Worksheets for Kids are So Great

Easy maze worksheets teach kids so many things in a playful way:

  • Cause and effect thinking – how one decision early in the maze solution could completely change the outcome.
  • Persistence – sometimes solving a maze doesn’t come easy and preschoolers can learn that sticking with a problem is worth it!
  • Pencil skills – or crayon skills!  Fine motor skills are really important to start developing by Kindergarten level in a playful way so that preschoolers develop the strength and coordination to hold a pencil for schoolwork.
  • Eye-hand coordination – preschoolers will learn how they will see the path the pencil should take them through the maze and then make it happen with their hand!

The Printable Space Mazes Pack Includes

  • 4 pages with easy mazes (with a star, Saturn, rocket and the moon).
  • 4 pages with advanced mazes to solve.

We originally assumed that the easy maze versions would work best for preschool level and the more advanced mazes would be better for kindergarten level.  What has been fun is to see that is not generally how our readers have been using them!

Often both versions of the same maze are printed off and when the child (no matter if preschool or kindergarten) completes it, they go on to the more advanced maze.

Our readers are smart!

The printable maze pdf version I have made for this article is in black and white which is a more printer friendly alternative.

Download & Print these Outer Space Maze PDF File Here:

6 easy space mazes pictured - easy star maze, preschool rocket maze, kindergarten moon maze, easy saturn planet maze, preschool star maze, preschool rocket maze

Choose which printable maze pdf is best – the easy maze or the more complicated version!

Challenging Mazes

The more difficult mazes are actually shown above. These hard mazes aren’t impossible, but will make older children work on their problem solving skills a little harder.

A challenging maze is a fun way to exercise the brain as they have to go through more lines! Try not to hit a dead end!

Simple Maze

Have young children? Younger children may not do so well with the more difficult maze printables. They’re not all depicted above, but the printables with less lines are perfect for smaller kids.

We have multiple difficulty levels so kids of all ages can do them. Plus, these themed mazes are all a ton of fun.

Make Your Maze pdf Reusable

Be sure to laminate these so your kids can use them over and over again. They make easy car & waiting room activities for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Your young learner can practice different mazes everyday until they are able to do all levels of difficulty.

More Fun Space Printables and Activities

Space activities for kids - starry sky glowing bedtime bottle

Bring space closer to earth with this glowing bedtime bottle craft for kids!


Why not learn about the awesome part of the space – our solar system! Print these solar system worksheets and let the learning fun begin!

Explore space and all the cool planets in this Stars and Planets printable game – it is one of the coolest free printable games for kids we have here at Kids Activities Blog.

Pictured above:  Check the best sensory bottle ideas – make a glowing falling star bedtime bottle.  It is one of the cutest ones I have ever seen!


Looking For More Free Printable Activities?

How are your kids using the easy maze set?


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