Giggly Learning Fun with Beach Ball Sight Word Game for Kids

Learning sight words can be a lot of memorization which is why we love interactive sight word games like this beach ball sight word game. Let’s have fun with learning!

Our Fridays are exciting as we like to do a kinetic sight word activity to get us moving, it is one of our favorite sight word movement games.

Let’s play an interactive sight word game together!

Fun Sight Word Game

This sight word game is one of the kids’ favorite games.  It is a simple activity with lots of learning potential…even beyond sight words. It is easier to learn words while moving around and it is one of our favorite beach ball games preschool kids will love.

Every child learns differently, but research shows when they are active, it stimulates learning and memory at a higher rate. Oh! And this sight word game will also get out the excess energy and wiggles by tossing this word ball, that sounds like a win-win to me.

Sight Word activity Ball that has red, yellow, and, blue with various words written on it.
Make learning sight words exciting by moving around.

What Are Sight Words?

In case you didn’t know what sight words are, this will help…

Sight words are words, like come, does, or who, that don’t follow the rules of spelling or the six types of syllables. These words have to be memorized because decoding them is really difficult. Students are taught to memorize them as a whole, by sight, so that they can recognize them immediately (within three seconds) and read them without having to use decoding skills.


The word ball contains words that appear often in text. Most of the are adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, and prepositions, as well as verbs.

They are common words used in every day language.

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Supplies Needed For Sight Word Movement Game

Sight Word activity Ball used for this sight word movement games with common used words on the red, blue, and yellow sections of the beach ball.
We are ready to throw around this word ball! It is one of our favorite beach ball activities for toddlers.


Step 1

Blow up the beach ball.

Step 2

Choose which panels you are going to add sight words to & then using a permanent marker write sight words on those panels.

Beach Balls ready for sight words to play interactive game - Kids Activities Blog
Make more than one beach ball with sight words to switch up the fun!

Sight Word Lists

Here are some of the words we have put on our ball (taken from the book Kid Writing – great resource for nurturing our students to literacy):

a, an, and, but, if, that, the, this, is, was, has, had, have, been, be, by, bye, hi, at, am, are, not, it, its, or, of, to, on, the, in, into, you, your, our, my, me, I, he, she, they, their, there, those, these, other, here, were, for, with, who, what, when, then, than, how, why, from, go, went, no, not, yes, can, say, said, will, each, about, which, would, could, should, up, down, out, in, on, on top, over, under, only, side, some, many, like, see, make, made, very, after, before, little, big, find, did, do, done, don’t

Kid Writing

Sight Words that Start with Alphabet Letter Lists

Here at Kids Activities Blog we have a big resource for learning the letters of the alphabet & as part of that letter library we have these sight word lists:

Beach balls in the pool ready for playing sight word game - Kids Activities Blog
Hot? Let’s take this sight word game to the pool!

More Ideas for Kinetic Sight Word Activity with Beach Ball

  • If your child is already reading, have them read the words on the color they catch.
  • If your child is not yet reading, have them point to a word and you tell them what it is before they toss the ball.
  • If your child knows all the words, have them create a sentence with as many words as they can from the color they picked.

This game has been a huge hit with my pre-reading and non-reading kids as well as the neighbor kids who are reading independently!

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Did your kids have fun learning sight words with this interactive sight word game?


  1. I love this, and love h ow you can adapt t to different reading levels. I can play it with my two older girls even though they are at totally different levels. And we do need hel in this area – thanks!

  2. another brilliant idea! thank you!

  3. This is such a brilliant idea!! And love that it can be used for many reading levels. 🙂 I am definitely excited to try this out!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. This is a great idea! We included it @ theclassroomcreative in our summer reading sight words game post. What’s summer without fun and a beach ball and it couldn’t hurt to learn while you are having fun! Enjoy your summer, Karen & Nicolette

  5. Hi, brilliant. My dad is in a nursing home and has a sensory /visitors room and that has a ball with lots of questions on it, like your first home, pet, favourite colour, etc. We took it turns to catch the ball and all answer the question on the top. I was thinking of buying one as it was so much fun over Christmas. Now I can make our own!! Thank you.

  6. Fantastic idea! Just sitting and practicing or playing site word games can get so wiggly, so adding some movement would be awesome. Thanks for the activity idea!

  7. That is really cool! I have never heard of that, but bet it is fun for all ages.

  8. What a fun way to learn sight words! Looking forward to trying this with my son. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. WOWW that was great.
    Will make students of my school do this activity.
    Keep on posting such articles and i am surely gonna follow you now.

  10. cookie clicker says:

    The games you share are both entertaining and educational. These are some of my favorite games.

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