DIY Toddler Puzzle Made By Sibling

We all know that children LEARN BEST through PLAY. DIY Toddler Puzzle is perfect for fun interaction and color, parts matching for toddlers. We love DIY Toys, because they are so customizable and, like this time, they are made by an older sibling. Isn’t that cool?

homemade toddler puzzle

DIY Toddler Puzzle

you will need:

  • a piece of cardboard (we cut some from the shipping package box)
  • some paint (we used acrylic paint,   but really, anything would work)
  • scissors

1. Ask an older sibling to draw a picture. Maybe something that a toddler is fond of at the moment. We asked him and he wanted a train, a boy and a horse (of course).

2. Cut up the picture in pieces. They don’t have to be equal in size. Start by cutting in bigger pieces. Later, if you see your toddler is capable to put everything together easily, you can cut up more pieces to make it more challenging.

toddler puzzle

It’s surprisingly easy DIY puzzle. The fun and cool part about it is that it’s made by a sibling, which could made a very thoughtful and practical gift.

As always we love incorporating learning into the play. This puzzle is perfect for that. For example, I was teaching my little one to match the colors. He thought he was just building train wagons (which he LOVES), but at the same time we were lo0oking for red, blue, green, yellow and brown colors to make sure train looks nice.

make toddler puzzle

You could store the puzzle in the box or tie them with the rubber band for the next use.

diy toddler puzzles

After we made toddler puzzle my kindergartner wished for one too. “A much harder one,” she said.

build toddler puzzle

We hope you get to make this DIY toddler puzzle and enjoy as much as we did.

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