Elf-on-the-Shelf Ideas

The Elf-on-the-Shelf is such a fun tradition for kids!  What a great way to count down to Christmas with some goofy, silly, and even kind elf activities.

The way this works, you get the “elf”  (affiliate)  and he comes to your house to check up and report back to Santa, to tell him if your kids were naughty or nice.  We don’t do the naughty/nice stuff, but very much enjoy hosting our friend from the North Pole and finding our elf in the morning – up to some crazy antics – with our kids.

Here are some ideas that we have found that are family-friendly and great for making memories with your kids.

ideas for elf in the shelf adventures

Watch Elf go on Adventures

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Get a map and draw a route to go visit the Christmas lights with your elf (love this one – it’s a girl).

What about a kindness elf?  I love this idea from The Idea Room.

Did your elf forget to move? Keep these free printable excuses ready to go!

Bungy jumping off the cliff of steps with a slinky.

Go find him after he took Barbie joy-riding through the house.

He might miss the North Pole and hang out in the fridge for a reminder of home.

Your elf might go sledding… down your banister.

He might try to go back to the north pole, riding a sleigh pulled by ponies.

Hurry.  You might need to stop your elf from taking a trip to the North pole, via rocket ship (free printable).

more and more elf on the shelf ideas

More and More Elf-on-the-Shelf Ideas

Elf might have a lazy day planned for your family including popcorn and a movie.

He might pretend to be spider-man and try to save the day.

He might be waiting –  swinging over your door – he can’t wait for you to wake up!

Add some Christmas spirit to your elf and dose him in Winter Blend Essential Oils.

the helpful elf in the shelf activity ideas

Your Elf could be kind and helpful

He could feed the dog with your toy trucks.  Inspired by this post.

You might catch him after school, whipping up a batch of cookies.

One morning you might see him  bringing donuts for breakfast to all the little dolls.

He might get a head start on breakfast… serving popcorn, milk and sprinkles to his host family (you).

A lover of nature, Elf is making cereal bracelets for the branches, to feed the birds.

He could feed the dog with your toy trucks.

pranks from your elf in the shelf

Or full of mischief and king of the pranks.

Turning your milk into “Elf Milk.”

He might be so excited to come to you he showed up a day early, in your mailbox  (P.S. Image shown is of unknown origin, if it is yours, LOVE it.  Contact us so we can link to you!)

40 elf in the shelf activities that your kids will love

Be Careful or your Elf will get into TROUBLE.

He might lock himself out of the house – and you will have to go rescue him!

It would be a sad day if the elf lost all his glitter magic.  You might need to get him some more sparkles.

He might get stuck under a glass, when he was looking for hot chocolate.

Look at the mess he left when he made snowflakes!  (via Emma Klosson)

terrific ideas for a friendly elf-on-the-shelf this christmas

Becoming Pals with your Elf

Elf might challenge you to a game – like Hide-n-Seek.

He might hide candy canes around the house for you to find!

Your elf might find a pile of legos, and start building something fun!

Or he’ll enjoy a marshmallow bath – and you can munch on the goodies with him!

Your elf may have been up all night puzzling and need your help to finish his puzzle in the morning.

He is making an after school surprise for you – elf stew!   (via Emma Klosson)

40 ideas for elf on the shelf

Fun Elf Activities

Your elf might be hiding in the freezer, trying to eat all the popsicles.

He might get himself stuck inside a candy jar and need your help to get him out.

You may find a pile of “snow” greeting you when you get home and a silly elf playing.

Your elf might rally all the toy animals in your house for a Christmas parade.

Love these ideas?

There are even more over here so keep reading!


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