Cookie Butter Recipe {YUM}

Awww… Spreadable cookies.  Where have these been my whole life?

Cookie Butter is a must-bring for a game night with pals.

Only two ingredients needed!   Want a healthier option?  This recipe is not for you ( –> but you might enjoy our bean cookie dough dip).  If sugar and fat are okay, keep reading, you won’t be disappointed.

2 ingredient cookie butter

How to make cookie butter:

This recipe tastes just like Vanilla Wafers.  If you want a different flavor switch up the cake flavors.

Ingredients Needed:

3/4  Cup of Unsalted Butter – room temperature

2 Cups of Stale Cake Crumbs (roughly half a cake)
Cookie Butter - tastes good with pretzels but even better on bagels

Mash the cake and butter together until it is smooth.  You can use a food processor if you want it to be super creamy.  We used a potato masher.  Turned out terrific, was quick to mash and clean-up was a breeze.

Pictured is the butter with pretzels, but it is TERRIFIC on bagels.  Seriously, the best bagel spread you will ever taste!  It’s a birthday party in your mouth!  We have also enjoyed the cookie butter on dry crackers, even pumpernickel bread.

You can gift the cookie butter.  Wrap it into a log using freezer paper.  Store it in the freezer until you need it – pull it out of the freezer the night before you need it.  So tasty!

cookie butter a hostess gift idea

I would love to see if I can make a girls scout mint-mock-cookie-butter with a dark chocolate cake mix and a couple drops of peppermint oil.  <—  Doesn’t that sound good?!?  If you make that version let me know so I can try it and feature you!

Want a healthier alternative?  Try this cookie dough dip.


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