Project Baby Surprise “ Nursery for Girl is Fit for a Queen

Last week was all about the Baby Boy Nursery Board. This week it's time to share the Baby Girl Nursery Board!

project baby surprise

As I said last week, the ideas for baby girl were abundant and varied greatly.   This made it a challenge to decipher just what our couple would like best.

I kept coming back to one picture that Kaysie showed us of an elegant little girl's room with ice blue walls adorned with beautiful silk fabrics with a subtle hint of gold shimmer.   The topper in this pictured room  was a black and white hooked rug.   It added interest and absolutely made the room.

With this picture in mind, I set out to recreate the nursery version of this room. The inspiration was anything but princess and everything queen!

In the board below, you ™ll find a beautiful blue silk fabric with gold rose accents as our staple fabric.   The crib skirt is a dusty blue dupioni silk ¦our favorite for crib skirts because it's easy to manipulate.   The skirt will be created with what we call, a little extra pouf  that flows to the floor.

Here's the board using the black and white rug.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I came across this great bright floral rug.  Below is basically the same room with a yellow based cream wall and a brighter foundation.

Above the crib in both rooms is a silk swag that will be held in place by hooks shaped like crowns that are brushed in gold. Over the changing table are framed pieces of aged silverware. Big bro and little sis will also contribute their family famous artwork over the ˜mini throne ™ placed for late night chats between siblings.

My favorite in this room is the custom tuft that we will create as a comfy place to  prop up their feet as they  care for baby. It reminds me of something straight out of the Queen's Palace.

The girl boards were a hit.   John and Kaysie decided that they liked the creamy yellow based room with the bright, but sophisticated rug as the foundation (even though  John’s not holding it up in this pic – they like it, I swear!).

Now, they ™ve agreed on their boy and girl nursery and they have their mini-boards in-hand.

For the Burb Mom family, the wait is on.

For us, the work just begins.

Will the family be bringing home a baby boy or girl?

Next Week: CBS-11 has been working side-by-side with us in this nursery. Come back next week to see behind the scenes!

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  1. Oh, I love it with the black and white rug! Beautiful!

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