35 Sensory Aids and Ideas to aid with SPD

Sensory perceptions can be hard to change or even to be aware if your child struggles with the way that their brain processes the information in the world around them.

In the KAB team we have a Physical Therapist and a former school teacher… these are tips that we have used in our practices, homes and classrooms to help our kids, both those with sensory processing disorders as well as our other children, to live more full lives.

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diy sensory home here are a ton of ways that you can help your home be more SPD friendly

How to create a SPD Friendly Home

Create a ball pit with a large drum and plastic balls.  You will need hundreds of them, but we promise your kids will love hanging out in their ball cubby.

Help your kids to recognize their whole bodies with core development.  Standing on a stacked exercise ball is a great way to develop both balance awareness and core strength.  Use an inner tube and a larger ball.

Weighted lap belts (you can also use them across the shoulders) helps a fidgety kid sit more still as their legs are receiving mental stimulation through the pressure.   It can help improve your child’s attention span.

Get your kids outside!  Enjoying the outdoors – and getting stimulation from nature has proven to have a calming effect on kids.  Help your ids by creating backyard playspaces to help them have fun safely.

Crash pad. This is a great safe place for your kids to jump, crash or chill.  Don’t want to buy one?  Consider making your own Giant crash pillow with giant foam blocks inside of it.

Help your kids control their own fears.  Make a bottle of Monster spray.  Mix water with some drops of essential oil – pick one that can help alleviate anxiety.


hacks tips and ideas for kids who have sensory processing disorder or spd

Pro-tips and hacks for Sensory Kids

Blow bubbles – for kids who need to work harder to form words with their mouths, blowing bubbles can be a way to help them gain lip and breath control so they will be better able to form words.

Your kids can have full-body stimulation and the “wrapped close” feeling with layers of hammocks.   Under the hammocks are tumbling mats, making this a great play room.

There are a number of essential oils that can help improve moods and attention span.  You can add several drops of the oil  – like lavender to a leather bracelet for your kids to wear all day at school.

Sitting on a disc that is not flat, kind of like a ball, is a super easy and discreet way to help your child be “active” even while sitting for long periods of time (like at school).  Their core will be active even as they sit.

You can use balls to help provide pressure relief to your kids.  Putting gentle pressure on the joints can help reset the neurons.  Roll a ball on your child as they are laying down.

Give your kids some background music to help the kids who need extra auditory stimulation to focus.

sensory activities for whole body awareness

Whole Body Integration Therapy – you can do it!

Help your kids improve their  vestibular balance – to recognize the sensation that means they are about to fall – in a safe manner with this nifty Bilibo Seat

Here are a bunch of ways that you can do therapy at-home with your kids using an exercise ball.   You can also use a bouncing ball.

Hammock cubby. Great place for kids to go to get away when they need a sensory break from their pals or family members.

A Bosu can help your kids develop core strength as well as balance. Get a bouncing pad for your kids to stand and jump on when they need to let off steam.  There are also a bunch of exercises your kids can do on them to help their bodies develop.

Sensory balloon balls.  Fill balloons with a variety of textures.  You can also develop hand or foot and eye coordination with balloon games.  Try kicking the balloon with opposite feet each time you bounce it.

Transitions can be hard for kids with sensory challenges.  Make naptimes and bedtimes a bit easier with a glowing sensory bottle.


make weighted blankets to help your kids




Pressure, consistent pressure helps relieve a lot of the angst feelings in kids with sensory struggles.  The pressure is signaling their brains constantly where they are, helping your kids develop body awareness.

Below is a collection of pressure garments and products that you can purchase of make yourself.

DIY Velcro vest.

DIY Weighted Vest

Weighted blanket that you can sew

No-Sew weighted lap blanket
best products for kids who cant stop moving

There are a number of products that are great for helping kids who struggle with sensory issues.

3D Tetris blocks for your kids to manipulate and develop their spatial awareness.

Tactile brushes can be a great tool to use to help connect with and calm your sensory child.  Here is a site that explains how to use the brushes.

You can also use Body Sox as a way to give your kids all over neurological feedback (and it’s a blast).

Rub bubble. Put this on their desk top at school it is perfect for antsy fingers.

Geo Twister. A quiet geometrical toy. A fun spatial way to build and create new shapes.sensory producst that your kids can use in the classroom to help them focus

Sensory Products for the Classroom

Pencil toppers that help kids who get bored in classes.

This is the BEST sensory toy. Kids can use it for rubbing, rolling, even chewing.

Flavored chewing sticks to help kids who need extra oral stimulation.

Teething Necklace  – these aren’t just for babies. This necklace could work for an orally stimulated kiddo. This is a great way to attach your kids sensory aid to them.

Increase core awareness and strength with a disk chair topper.

Weighted pencils help kids develop hand strength and are easier for some  kids to control.  You can make your own weighted pencils using  bolt nuts and rubberbands.

Another pencil grip to help kids correct handwriting problems.

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