7 Unusual Ways Your Body Changes After Baby

After you give birth there are a lot of things you might  expect to see change in your body – stretch marks for instance. But for a lot of us, there have been very unusual changes. Things we never considered as a “side effect” of having a baby.

I can say for certain I didn’t know my feet would grow, or that my hair would begin to grey quite so early. If you’ve not already had a little one, here are some fun things that might be in your future.

(Besides of course an incredible little person.)


7 Unusual Ways Your Body Changes After Baby

1. Taste buds. I’ve spent my whole life never having real chocolate and sweets cravings. Those were things I never really ate much. After my first pregnancy though, I developed and have since maintained, a total sweet tooth. No brownies are safe around me anymore.

2. Body shape (not weight). I’m not talking about your body weight, I mean the shape. I lost all of my pregnancy wait within the year but none of it went back to where it belonged originally. Some women in our Facebook community say their shoulders broadened and their feet grew. My feet actually grew a whole half a size.

3. Hair texture. Straight to wavy. Curly to straight. A lot of women say their hair texture changed significantly after baby. Mine did not, but I do now have to actively fight all the greys.

4. Gotta go! For woman with vaginal births, you may now forever pee your pants when you laugh, run or sneeze.

5. A need for deodorant. Wearing deodorant was not a must for me prior to pregnancy. I rarely sweat and if I did, there was little to no odor. Now?   If I’m not wearing it, you will know. Thank you to several ladies from our Facebook community who fessed up to this and made me feel a little less stinky.

6. Sleep position. I always fell asleep on my back prior to children and was very uncomfortable laying on my stomach. Now I sleep on my stomach and never my back. Many women mention they don’t sleep comfortably in the same position they once did.

7. Food allergies. I haven’t had this issue, but one women in our Facebook community became lactose intolerant, another became gluten sensitive, and one more developed an egg allergy. However, a couple of people said their food allergies went away!

Tell me, what body changes took you by surprise after baby?


  1. Facial hair! I’ve had 3 children and with everyone it has gotten worse, especially under my chin!

  2. I acquired thyroid disease and it makes it near to impossible to lose weight. My feet grew but my vision improved significantly. Love my little munchkins but boy do things change in many ways once you have kids 🙂

  3. My feet grew a whole size after my first child, and then another size after my second!

  4. Thyroid disease after my first. Body shape (lost the weight in 4 weeks) but never the same shape. Bladder yes, don’t sneeze too hard.

    Second pregnancy didn’t notice a change.

    Third (less than 3 months ago) horrible chest pains. Docs don’t know what it is? Maybe trapped gas or reflux? Feels like a man is standing on my sternum – I thought it was a heart attack at first. Pray they find out what’s wrong. It’s random but when it strikes it’s debilitating

  5. eloise wallis says:

    Became highly allergic to my 2 favourites: Avo & Bananasallergic to the point of my throaght swelling shut if I just kiss my husband after he ate it… 🙁

  6. I was extremely allergic (had to carry an epi pen) to peanuts prior to having my son (who’s now
    8). After giving birth the allergy seemed to disappear!

  7. Oh and my moms hair color changed. She was blond before kids (25 yrs old) and with each three it progressively got darker (until dark brown).

    We have a family joke that the 3rd seemed to produced a few Greys also so they decided to stop having kids then.

  8. My feet also grew half a size and from pregnancy I never was a coffee drinker (before) but now love it. I can taste how bitter and woody it is. Also I could eat a really hot curry but these days I can’t anymore.

  9. I have the chest pain, turns out it’s anxiety/panic attacks for me. Just something worth looking into if you are having trouble diagnosing it. I hope you find out what it is, that sounds scary.

  10. i have developed a gluten intolerance since becoming pregnant. It’s my first pregnancy so am yet to see if it’s a permanent thing or not…

  11. Robynetta says:

    I have had 4 babies and my feet have grown a whole 3 sizes in total, I have also become extremely allergic to hair dye. Before kids I could dye my hair when ever I wanted now if I were to dye my hair my whole face swells I get blisters almost instantly (to the point I had to shave my head after my last attempt) and I get a blister like rash on my hands and feet.

  12. One thing I acquired after my fourth child, or should I say stayed with, is a pregnant woman’s sense of smell! I can smell anything and everything! Unfortunately not all smells are pleasant! BTW, she is almost six years old and it is still there!

  13. I became allergic to an ingredient in certain medications after my 2nd child!?!
    I think all of your comments are true to me too.

  14. Crazy skin allergies / contact dermatitis – most intense reaction to common wound care products (bacitin, lidocain) plus about 6 others.

  15. Jamie Hearat says:

    I had my anxiety come back with a vengeance when I was 4 months pregnant with my second child. I have now developed an allergy to blue food coloring. Other little things too. 🙂

  16. Could be gallstones. I had the same symptom with mine. Thought i was dying! Ask for an ultrasound to check for gallstones 🙂 i have since had my gall bladder removed and never looked back!

  17. I had this an ended up having my hall bladder out. The dr. Said it is rather common after childbirth. Pain was gone immediately and the procedure was very quick. Best of luck and health to you.

  18. Before I got pregnant I would never go anywhere without a warm jacket. I would almost always be cold. After the birth of my baby I am always hot and sweaty. I almost never sleep with covers.

    And hair… on my toes…

    And my feet grew a whole size…

  19. Elize Oberholzer says:

    Hey i became lactose intolerant after my baby as well as developed two dangerous allergies penicillin and latex. But i will never complain as the little person i gained is a little treasure

  20. Arthritis! it’s the hormones that have brought it on 🙁

  21. I had very nice C cups before becoming pregnant with my daughter, now I am barely an A but am the same weight I was before becoming pregnant. It’s a real dissappointment. I honestly feel as if I look descusting now with no boobs. 🙁

  22. My feet are wider. I have to sleep with an ice pack on my feet at night because they get so hot they feel like they’re burning. Yet my knees get so cold I have two extra blankets draped over them. It’s like my body can’t regulate it’s temperatures anymore. The big one though… I have celiac disease. This means I have to eat gluten free or I get to go to the hospital. Not fun! I really miss foods made with wheat! I do have a wonderful little boy to show for it though… So yup, he’s worth it.

  23. Not so much after my first two but my 3rd ruined me…afterwards I suffer more from heartburn, travel sickness, the odd food allergy and some skin issues too…skin issues started while I was pregnant with her and never went away

  24. Have your doctor check you for gallbladder stones. I had my gallbladder taken out after my first child. I was having horrible pain in my chest, felt as if a belt was being tightened and I was having trouble breathing. Then it happened. Unknowingly, I was passing a stone and the pain was worst than giving birth. Come to find out, I had gallbladder stones. I later read that during pregnancy our calcium levels rise and may cause gallstones. In my case, it did. By the way, after the gallbladder was removed, I never felt that pain again. Good luck.

  25. Christina says:

    My gluten intolerance disappeared, however, I was suddenly highly allergic to peanuts and all legumes! No more peanut butter for me! 🙁

  26. My hips got wider, and i developed an allergy to egg which leaves me sick fir about 4 hours after eating it.

  27. I have 3 kiddos, with each one my get grew I now wear a size and a half bigger than I did before kiddos and no sneezing or coughing for me. After my 3rd baby I developed a skin allergy and have to use skin sensitive soaps for everything, with each baby I had to get a stronger deoderant. But on the upside I now have awesome hair and 3 beautiful kids

  28. Get checked for gall bladder stones. I found out I have one massive stone and the pain got so unbearable that I finally got my gall bladder removed

  29. Vision worsened. Pain sensitivity increased drastically. Hearing sensitivity increased. Headaches increased. Immune system decreased. Mental confusion/fog increased.

  30. I developed an allergy to kiwi after my daughter! I have problems with grey hair also (my hairdresser always jokes that I’m her youngest client covering grey hair.

  31. Well I identify with almost all of these! The worst change for me is a sudden extreme allergy to fish which only appeared after giving birth. Now if I sit near someone eating fish or in a restaurant cooking it, I suffer vomiting and go into anaphylactic shock – and I loved my sushi before getting pregnant!

  32. Kathryn Daniels says:

    I really didn’t change, except that I have a little more back fat now. Nothing major. No stretch marks. Had a vaginal birth, but still have excellent control over my bladder. I’m lucky I guess!

  33. I used to have dysmenorhhea or menstrual cramps pre-pregnancy. It’s gone after my first baby was born.

  34. Kerri Jackson says:

    My feet grew by half a size, as well as my fingers I had to have my wedding rings sized up half a size ( after loosing all baby weight ) gray hairs and the sweet tooth as well. I never liked cake until after the birth of my first !

  35. There is a common error you have in this article. You mention that there is a women in one of your groups. It should be woman. One woman, two women.

  36. Rhonda Schoepp says:

    I developed a metal allergy after my first pregnancy. This meant I had to buy bras with plastic clasps and had to put nail polish on the inside of the metal button of pants so I wouldn’t itch if they touched my skin, and earrings are hard to find that don’t bother my ears. My feet got wider and grew by a half size. My hips got wider after my third pregnancy. Also, the bladder control was affected.

  37. I became lactose intolerant after my second child. It has been 4 years and only getting worse!

  38. After I had my third child I developed a pretty severe allergic reaction to cats. Crazy right!?

  39. Had to have my gallbladder removed!

  40. My sensitivity to smell never gone away. Also after 4 children I can still feel “Phantom kicks”.

  41. I’m now allergic to alcohol. I get big, itchy red spots all over my face and torso. It’s a huge bummer, but at least it’s not chocolate.

  42. After my first pregnancy my skin changed. I used to be oily and now my face is very dry. My feet grew half a size with both my pregnancies, going from size 5 pre babies to a 6 now!
    I can’t hold “it” ! When I gotta go, I gotta go! My first was a c section and I didn’t feel any changes as far as having to use the bathroom immediately, but my second was vaginal and after having her, I now have those urgencies.

  43. after having my twins my body wold break out to sterling silver. and they are baby 4 &5.

  44. I developed an under active thyroid. My OB said its common for thyroid levels to get out of whack during pregnancy but for most, they go back to normal after delivery. I’m one of the unlucky few that will have to take medication for the rest of my life to keep my levels norm. Sigh….

  45. i used to have such thick amazing hair and when I got pregnant and even still now, 4 years later, my hair is thin as can be. I had to use $.99 shampoo and conditioner when I was pregnant. Every other product left a residue on my scalp and in my hair. Having my daughter was amazing but having PUPPS ruined my body worse then any stretch marks ever could. And not to mention constant muscle spasms in my vaginal area.

  46. I lost 2 cm from my height, got thyroid disease and started to be really sensitive to perfumes and other smells.

  47. @QueenMaryIII says:

    Swelling. 19 months later and I’ll still get a little swelling around my ankles and legs at the end of the day.

  48. My teeth shifted!

  49. May be gall stones. Pretty common during pregnancy.

  50. Feet grew 1/2 a size. I have a sweet tooth and also now like cold shrimp….never did before baby #1. Had 2 c-sections and still pee myself when I sneeze/cough/lift. My boobs went from a D cup to a DDD cup and never went back. My hair developed a wave it never had before. I have 2 darker patches on my cheeks…like I used brown blush.

  51. My only child is now 6. Some changes were immediate while others are gradual. Feet SHRUNK an entire size. Doctors are still baffled by this. Boobs also are two band and one cup size smaller post nursing then pre pregnancy. Curly hair is more wavy and going gray at 30. Seasonal allergies completely disappeared during pregnancy but came back with a vengeance after, but all sinusitis issues reduced by at least half. While my butt/thighs are slightly smaller, my waist to hip ratio is much larger. Needless to say, I dread pants shopping. Needed hernia surgery to knit all my abdominal muscles back together two years after giving birth. And don’t get me started on the sneezing/peeling thing.

  52. I had the expected hair loss on my head, but i didnt expect to lose hair down *there*! I lost so much, which I guess isn’t the worse thing ever.

    Otherwise, I became lactose intolerant ( but couldn’t get enough of it while pregnant), and I went from hating chocolate to never having enough.

  53. Skin allergies became worse!

  54. Oh the puppps! What a nightmare. I’ll never have another child because of the hell it caused me

  55. I started to shed my hair like crazy! I always had beautiful long, thick hair, but at about 3 months post baby, my hair would come out in clumps in the shower. I was convinced that I was going bald. It would be all over my hair ties and my hair would knot and tangle to the point that my husband had to cut a chunk of it out! Before anyone gets all snarky, yes, I brushed my hair on a regular basis. Lol. Needless to say, I have since chopped it. Hopefully no more long tumble weeds of hair on my carpet or between my little’s toes.

  56. Sleep was the big one for me. I never used to sleep on my back. At about 5-6 months pregnant (right when they were telling me “whatever you do, don’t sleep on your back”), the only way I could get comfortable was on my back. Now I still sleep that way.

  57. My change was positive. I had terrible adult acne until I got pregnant. Since my son was born eight years ago, I have rarely had a random bump. I’m not complaining at all!

  58. Agree! I had the same thing….terrible!

  59. Pain sensitivity increased to a point that im worried im on the track to fibromyalgia, like my mom. Ive never been so weak and helpless in my life. Gluten intolerance has worsened to where my bloat makes me look pregnant….maybe i should stop ???? ???? No laughing anymore for me because not only does it make me pee a little, but I go into a choking fit and have to catch my breath like I swallowed a mouth full of water. And the one that no one has had in my family until they hit their 50’s…..is my first gray hair. Thank God it was only one and my baby and husband got one along with me ???????? I’m now pregnant with number 2…..so I hope it reverses all of the above issues ????

  60. Tanya Baxter says:

    I developed allergies to shellfish and caffiene.Caffiene!!!Just when a girl needs it most!And my feet grew about a half size.I had no clue this stuff could happen.My feet were more than big enough before!lol!

  61. My hair got curlier! I always had curly hair, but after two babies, my curls got tighter and in the worst spots, like my bangs lol! I too lost all the baby weight, but my stomach seems to remain forever flabby. No biggy though, that’s what Spanx are for. My allergies got worse too. I am now allergic to coffee. 🙁

  62. I can relate to several of these! However, one that I would make note of is the one about bladder control. I have three children-a set of twins and a single- all born via c-section. I have had this bladder control issue since my last c-section. I talked to my O.B. about it, and he assured me it is common with pregnancies, not having anything to do with how you gave birth.

  63. It might be gallbladder stones. I developped some after my first pregnancy. The doctors say it’s common after pregnancy because the hormones make the gallbladder “lazy” so it doesn’t process everything as well. It’s also hereditary.

  64. I developed an alcohol intolrance! Havent been able to drink with out breaking out in hives, sweating and feeling like I am going to vomit in twelve years! So sad…

  65. My hair went darker after pregnancy.

  66. My feet also grew a half size! My weight never went back to it’s usual carrying space. Other than that, everything is the same. I still sleep in the same position, on my stomach, other than during my pregnancy. Super uncomfortable all the time.

  67. After my first I could no longer wear earrings…I would break out in hives. And I also did not tan any longer…just burned. After my 3rd(and last) I developed some weird rash on my ring finger and can no longer wear my wedding ring. My feet grew with my 2nd pregnancy and shrunk back down after my 3rd.

  68. Allergies! I had such awful seasonal allergies before my first pregnancy. When I was pregnant my seasonal allergies all but disappeared. When my oldest was 4 I started to have a very small but of seasonal allergies, bit nothing like before!

  69. After having my first child I developed the food allergies. I can no longer have gluten, tomatoes, bell peppers, paprika, cayenne spice, chili seeds and mustard. I also have what I call linebacker shoulders now and my feet grew from a size 6 to a 7. Can’t wait to see what the second child brings.

  70. While I was pregnant I became pretty allergic to my cats. Sadly im still allergic.

  71. I developed and egg sensitivity! It’s horrible!

  72. My feet grew in size, my wavy hair went pencil straight and I went from a redhead to a brunette (dark) ????

  73. Meg Murphy says:

    Developed an allergy to adhesive. That was fun after my c-section they went to remove the bandages and took skin with it. Yuck. Scar for everything even a paper cut. Gained tons of weight and never lost it. Facial hair like crazy. And my feet got HUGE.

  74. Shelley G says:

    I have not had a migraine since I became pregnant with our first child. Yeah for me! My feet gre a half size with each of 3 pregnancies. Total bummer!

  75. I am allergic to jewelry. I can no longer wear any jewelry for more than a couple of hours, Not even my wedding ring, without breaking into a severe rash. I love black hills gold but can no longer wear it. My daughter is 15 so no signs of it going away. ????

  76. Tiffany Bever says:

    With all 3 of my pregnancies if I ate chicken, I’d get a migraine – a knock me down for 24 hours with no noise or light migraine. And medicine wouldn’t touch it. Doctors thought I was a bit crazy. Never happened before, between, or after. Only during.

  77. I had the opposite problem. Went from c cups to g cups and had to get reduced. Now I am scarred. Kind of look like the bride of Frankenstein. Not fun. ????

  78. i never really had feminine odor before, now I smell all of the time. And it changed. I now smell more beefy or something. It’s really not pleasant at all.

  79. I got Costochondritis. It’s inflammation of the breast bones where they connect to the sternum. You can tell you have it by pressing on them – they will feel sore.

  80. I know finally weigh what I did before I got pregnant with my first (I’ve got two boys, 8&6 1/2) and none of my old clothes fit me at all!!!! My boobs are the same size, just hang a lot lowere lol
    Feet grew half a size, no biggy. Grey hair galore!!! Have a stubborn streak at the front, which I actually like, but even after a week of getting it coloured at the hair salon, it comes through.
    Lost all body hair with second pregnancy and that was great. But two years later, it all came back with a vengeance!
    And all period pain went away. I used to have to take a day or two off the pain was that bad. But that’s slowly coming back now too…
    The joys of having little people!!! Xoxo

  81. Amanda stumpf says:

    My feet grew a whole size (from 10 to 11) with my first child. I was lactose intolerant prior to my first child. She cured that. Then my second child brought it back.
    Oh, and I now have a butt. 😉

  82. My eyesight deteriorated. Btw, no. 4 is true for c sections too. 9 months of carrying and 48 hours of hardcore contractions do not a tight fanny make!

  83. Margaret Porter says:

    I honestly grew at least an inch taller. I used to be 5′ 10” (barely an inch shorter than my husband)… And now I’m taller than him. I’m Definitely over 6′ now.

  84. #1 & 5 happened to me too! I just noticed the deodorant thing the other day. Kept wondering what that “smell” was…it was me! Haha!

  85. It might be your gallbladder! I developed gallstones after the birth of my son & had a couple of attacks in the middle of the night before I knew what it was – thought it was a heart attack but it passed after 30 minutes or so. The second attack lasted for 3 hrs before my husband insisted we go to the hospital. Turned out a gallstone was lodged, caused pancreatitis…had to have surgery. Scary! May want to get yourself checked out – it’s common after childbirth!

  86. So interesting! I had the opposite thing happen to me with deodarant. I used to use it every day (it wasn’t a desperate need, just a normal need). But after my first, I kind of got out of the habit of using it (lol… i think my lack of daily shower routine in the morning may have had something to do with it). But in the end, my body just adapted and still to this day, I don’t really need to use deodarant. I’m now pregnant with my second and wondered if hormones would cause me to start needing it again, but so far so good.

  87. It could be your gall bladder, this happened to me. My pain wasn’t on the right side like they said it usually is. It took my doctor 6 months after doing tests to figure it out. The pain was right in my sternum also.

  88. I had always been able to wear the cheapest earrings around but after my first son, I have to have 14K gold and some hypoallergenic earrings. Same with all jewelry.

  89. Andrea west says:

    My feet grew a half size with each pregnancy! I started at an 8 & now can’t wear anything smaller than a 9 & can sometimes wear a 10! With my 3rd child I grew a new hairline! All the way around my face. Crazy! I actually eat healthier after kids than before. I craved veggies I’d never ate before when pregnant.

  90. i used to be perpetually cold most of the time and now I’m burning up most of the time. I also started having migraines which I had never had pre baby.

  91. I got larger feet, also add gluten intolerance, change in hair texture, I used to always be cold…now I run hot and my husband freezes instead of me, as well as larger bra size(3 cup sizes)…I understood the girls would shrink-NOT so for me.

  92. christina says:

    Severe dry eye…no contacts anymore!

  93. Mine was my hair wiyh number one i did not lose much hair with this one num 2 has only been 5 months my hair is falling out in balls in shower after shower and when i brush it and so dry like straw i have bald patches on my head not nice

  94. Yes on body shape and need for deodorant!! Cannot find one that works. I developed massive food allergies too…tree nuts, stone fruit, and woods like cedar and hickory. Do you know how hard it is to be allergic to wood? It’s everywhere…mulch, cedar smoked salmon, BBQ!

  95. Sounds like gallbladder

  96. My feet grew a half size with each pregnancy, and it’s not like my feet were small to begin with. Before my son, I wore a size 10. After he was born, 11s were a little big but not too bad and in some shoes I could still wear a 10 (I couldn’t find many 10.5) now

  97. My feet grew a whole size (half size from each pregnancy). Also, during my second pregnancy, I developed an allergy to aloe vera (the WORST allergy ever, let me tell you. It’s everywhere!) Thank goodness the allergy subsided a few months after having my daughter.

  98. My mom’s did too, and now after my 3rd pregnancy mine is noticeably darker than it was before kids also! I didn’t notice after the first b/c I’d dyed it red, but now that I’m back to natural color there’s a definite difference when you compare then and now pictures.

  99. #4 seems like a design flaw to me. I asked my aunt when I would stop peeing when I coughed. When she said that was here stay, I died. FOR EVER. WTF. On the plus side (Aside from an awesome kid) I also was a lucky recipient of #3 straight to wavy.

  100. I developed a gag reflex, much to me husband’s dismay!

  101. I developed a gag reflex, much to my husband’s dismay!

  102. I’m lactose intolerant but during my entire pregnancy I could eat all the dairy I wanted and had no side effects.. I also have IBS and my entire pregnancy I had no flare ups where as before pregnancy I had them constantly. One thing I developed after giving birth was the gotta go! Need to hold tight now when I sneeze..lol.

  103. At last after 7 years I read about this! So many of the above is true, definitely My feet grew half a size( I thought part of my weight gain had gone there ) and the odor OMG I rarely used deodorant now I even carry a mini one in my purse for a midday freshen up ( mainly in summer)… Also I color my hair now since grey came in loads…It’s good to know I’m not alone 😉

  104. My feet grew half a size, now the only time I wear anything other than flip flops is when there’s snow on the ground. I developed a pineapple allergy and my hair has always been auburn, but after pregnancy it’s an ugly brown. (I like to say my ginger baby sucked it out of me)

  105. 4 month after delivery, my hair fall was crazy. This is normal I heard. My hair was pretty long. To ease the mess of hair fall, I had my hair cut short. The young hairdresser assistant who washed my hair commented that I have wavy hair. I didn’t believe her as my hair is super straight, never wavvy. And i have not heard of hair will turn curly after delivery.

    but gradually, I realised my hair is really wavy. My hair is too short to tie up. So It is not bcoz I bun it up. unbelievably, my hair has turned more and more wavy. So strange!

  106. It’s probably your gall bladder. I had the same thing after my first baby. I had a surgery and am all better. And yes it feels like what a heart attack is described as. Hope you find out soon

  107. Became suddenly allergic to penicillin. Never had a problem with it the first 35 years of my life.

  108. I have the same symptoms to, it’s horrendous, try drinking two heaped tea spoons of baking powder in a glass of water stir it well and down in one, I’ve been having it for almost two years now after having my second child ???? got told it was Gaul stones but it wasn’t then was told it was an ulcer si had the camera down and it wasnt then got told its from eating ti much fried food wich is crap as when it started started I been on a strict died restricted carbs and hadn’t eaten out deep fried or fatty for months due to gestational diabetes, I’ve now been told the same as you acid reflux, I think its ibs, when the pain starts do you inflate like a baloon,?? I do and its awefull!

  109. my hips got so much wider after having my baby. I look like those toy hula dancers glued on to a trucker’s dashboard. I had an hour glass figure before but now it’s all just wide hips and a skinny waist.

  110. Decka Beem says:

    Chest pain……Look up Costochondritis. Feels like a heart attack but you cant move or breath hard bc it gets even worse. I have it and it’s horrid. Its landed me in the ER numerous times.

  111. And “wait” instead of “weight”. Noticing these things is like a curse. 🙂

    My doctor and I finally found a successful medication in treating an illness before I became pregnant with my second. After her birth, it was as if my entire chemical make-up had changed. The medicine no longer helped but gave me awful side effects instead…

    My hips got wider and chest smaller, but no stretch marks or extra weight!

  112. I went from being able to wear contacts all day and all night to only being able to handle them for a little while during the day. I ended up getting dry eye syndrome and now have to hunt down those perfect contacts, if I want to wear them. I also got heartburn so bad that I ended up having every test known to man done to see if I was alright. It was and still is crazy. My oldest is about to be 13 and my youngest just turned 7. Having children will change you in so many ways.

  113. Stephanie Sullivan says:

    I developed a metal allergy — especially with earrings.

  114. Hair loss… weight loss from sz 18-20? 8-10… WAS lactose intolerant but not any more… look older(too tired…had twins)

  115. I wore glasses for nearsightedness since high school. My vision was pretty bad. While I was pregnant with my son, I would become dizzy and get headaches behind my eyes. I chalked it up to pregnancy. After my son was born, I went to my eye doctor. I was having trouble seeing with my glasses (I had given up on the contacts). I thought my eyes were getting worse. You can imagine my surprise when the doctor told me I no longer needed glasses! All those pregnancy hormones ‘fixed’ my poor vision. Makes up for all the morning sickness I had. 😉 Of course now, seven years later, I’m getting back to wearing glasses full time again.

  116. I experience the same and mine is from back/shoulder pain. Caused from the pelvis but felt between the shoulder blades. When really bad and not self treated thru yoga I get chest pains to the point I think I’m having a heart attack :/

  117. Yes my body is shaped different, of course I’m also battling some other issues I may have not known I had prior to pregnancy such as pcos. I have also developed an allergy to ham which everyone finds weird but the reaction leaves no doubt. I buy same or half size bigger shoes mostly for comfort and stability. My hair is more wavy so I enjoy new ways to style. Bladder control only temporarily an issue but I do kegals. I was just surprised how much muscle I lost after delivery. Three years later I still feel less strong.

  118. With each of my 3 pregnancies, I shrank half an inch and gained half a shoe size :/

  119. How about granny hairs on your chin, And I swear I have a stomach ache everyday since I gave birth 5 years ago

  120. My sister in law had chest pains like that and turned out to be her gallbladder and she had pancreatitis that was over looked and could have killed her had they not caught it when they did. I would mention that as a possibility to your doctor.

  121. My eye sight worsened big time. Most of the ones listed above also happened I found my skeletal structure changed. ( I think that could go with body changes)

  122. Grey thin hair (I’m 31) strechmarks, saggy boobs and stomache. Acne that makes me look horrible.
    An urge to pee a LOT, and if I don’t it will drip anyway 🙁 I also got fat and have huge problems with losing weight for the first time in my life.

    But it was worth it, I love my little boy more than life 🙂

  123. I used to love roller coasters, but ever since I had my son, even the kiddie coaster makes me sick.

  124. I am so glad this article was written! I find solace in the fact that I am not alone.

    Allergies – yes! Just one food, Quinoa. Blew up so bad that an epi pen was needed. Such a surprise.

    Thyroid – mine completely stopped functioning about a month after delivery. My OB/GYN said it’s not uncommon, but I do wish it had been caught earlier. It is amazing how many of your bodily functions are affected by the thyroid.

  125. Sounds just like me…..thyroid disease was the diagnosis. Might want to get it checked out.

  126. My feet sweat now,that was never an issue until I had my boys.I have no idea why it happens and it doesn’t matter the weather it could be hot,cold,warm doesn’t matter my feet sweat. In socks out of socks doesn’t matter.

  127. I became lactose intolerant, my feet grew one full size (half size per kid), i stink when i sweat so i must wear deodorant, yes… I pee a little when i sneeze, my vision changed, i stand different than i used to (my lower back still hurts and its been 5 years since the baby that started my back pain). Lol, those are the things i can think of 🙂

  128. Laurie Pio says:

    I can’t go on anything the goes in circles (merry go rounds etc) or roller coasters or swings. I get sick! Boo.

  129. My feet grew ( changed size)
    I was a 6 could even do a 5 sometimes ..
    Now I’m a 7.5 to an 8 most times ..
    Horrible I had so many nice shoes ( I worked in a shoe shop) now not so many ????

  130. My feet grew ( changed size)
    I was a 6 could even do a 5 sometimes ..
    Now I’m a 7.5 to an 8 most times ..
    Horrible I had so many nice shoes ( I worked in a shoe shop) now not so many ????

  131. my feet grew half a size, i eat more savoury than before.which is a good thing.
    My hair went dead straight .

  132. Definitely my body shape. I lost all the baby weight i had gained but yet my pant size is now practically two sizes bigger, even though im the same weight. I was also knobby knee’d and extremely pigeon toed all my life until i got pregnant. Once I got my pregnant belly, that all went away and it never came back, thank god!

  133. Melissa Churchward says:

    Feet- I had toxaemia during my first pregnancy. My foot size went from a 7.5 B to a 9.5 E. It is now 21 years later and my shoe size is still a size 9 and I have had blood pressure problems ever since.

  134. hair thick and wavy to thinner and straight.
    Food allergies- I can eat fish again totally fine after years of it making me sick but now lamb makes me sick!
    Hayfever and dust allergies are gone! I’m still breastfeeding though so it will be interesting to see what sticks when we stop.

  135. Dana Sample says:

    Pre-pregnancy, I didn’t get poison…Ivy, oak…whatever…I could roll around in it & not get it….Post-pregnancy….I found by cleaning out a tree/brush line…My body reacts viciously to poison…A little bit goes a loooong way…quickly..& I wind up covered in it.

  136. You poor thing. I also agree that anxiety can feel like a heart attack. Try deep breathing, when you breathe in your stomach should go out & shoulder stay still, then breathe out, stomach go in. Takes some practice but I find it works to slow racing heart etc. good luck.

  137. Ashley Poirier says:

    My body shape/weight has always been a struggle, so after 2 kids it just doesn’t Me anymore. After my first babe I noticed a couple of white hairs, after my second….well, think I could pass them off as highlights? my feet grew a whole size! As if I didn’t feel large enough after gaining 50 lbs with my first pregnancy, I gained a larger shoe size too! I can’t get enough chocolate. I always had a sweet tooth, but its definitely intensified! My periods are also extra unpleasant and painful after my second. BUT those sweet giggles and chubby cheeks are worth it 🙂

  138. I used to sleep on my stomach since I had my son 7 weeks ago I can’t get comfortable sleeping that way. My back never used to bother me but now it does :/

  139. I developed a skin condition, eczema, on my hand after I had my second baby

  140. I experienced all of these. My hair changed color. It became darker after each pregnancy and not in a pretty way. Now I keep it colored. I became lactose intolerant after my first pregnancy. After the second, I found that I can tolerate lactose again. My feet also grew a half size and are wider now. My postpartum depression never completely went away after my first. She’s almost 19 and I still need medication pregnancy does crazy things to us, but I would do it all again.

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