Smile It Forward Kindness Activities For Kids With Free Printables

I came up with these smile it forward compliment cards for a fun way to remind them that small things matter and kind words are important. It’s also wonderful to teach them that their actions can even influence a total stranger.

Teaching my children kindness is really important to me. The best way to do that is to lead by example, which is something I am constantly reminding myself. I also love finding little activities that help them to show kindness to others without spending money.

Free printable compliment cards-red, blue, red dotted, pink and white, green. Hey you! You are a blessing, capable of great things.
These compliment cards are so sweet and could really make someone’s day.

Free Printable Compliment Cards For Kids

These printable kindness cards can be given out to friends and family that may need a little smile or can be used as a fun random act of kindness project, which is the way that we used them.

Smile It Forward Kindness Card- red and white polka dots. Hey you! You are capable of great things.
This compliment card is a huge compliment. Believing in people can help people do great things.

What you’ll do is download the printables and place them in random places around your community for people to find.  

You may want to keep a small roll of tape with you so you can tape them onto bathroom mirrors or gas pumps.  You can also leave them in store aisles or inside library books.  

The possibilities are endless!

Download Your Free Printable Compliment Cards

With this download you will get 6 beautifully colored cards that each read something positive.

Go ahead and print them off, cut them out, and start making the world a better place one compliment card at a time!


Understanding Kindness

I love the Plato quote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  

You never know what people may be going through. My goal with these compliment cards is for kids to think about the people that will find them.  

Are they having a bad day?  

A good day?  

Are they feeling sad about something?  

Do you think the note made them smile?

This activity serves as a great conversation starter with your little ones about other things they can do to be kind!

More Kindness Printables

25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness-free printable compliment cards-diy teacher gifts.
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