DIY Checkers Halloween Costume for Kids

Looking for an easy DIY Halloween Costume for kids? No time to run to the store? No extra budget for it? Want something original?

We got you covered!

DIY Checkers Halloween Costume
This homemade costume is cute and easy to make.

DIY Checkers Halloween Costume

This easy checkers Halloween costume will do its job for sure. It’s easy to make, no need to look for some fancy craft supplies and it’s adorable. Oh and it basically fits any age group.

DIY Checkers Costume made out of a cardboard box, with white paper over the outside with black squares colored on.
This Checkers Costume is super cute and great for those on a budget.

Our family loves Checkers, so making this costume was really fun and very exciting.

Supplies You Will Need To Make This DIY Checkers Costume

You will need:

  • square cardboard box (we didn’t have one so we cut longer box in half).
  • some markers
  • extra cardboard for checker parts
  • glue
  • scissors

Things you will have to do:

  1. Cut out arm and head holes in the box.
  2. If the box is not white, glue some white paper on it.
  3. Measure the checker board and make 25 equal square (I know real checkers’ board is bigger, but it was easier this way for the sake of the costume)
  4. Color the black squares
  5. Cut out 5 white and 5 blue circles. They will be your checkers.
  6. Glue them on the board.

And there you have it – DIY Halloween Costume – Checkers. diy halloween costume for kids

Making Your Own Halloween Costumes IS Important

As a mother I always try to do my best to show how and allow my kids to be creative. I think making Halloween costumes is a great way to do it.

I just love the whole process of deciding what they want to be and then picking the materials for the costume.

A lot of trouble shooting and problem solving is involved into making a costume. It’s so good for the kids. Make your own costume it is better and free

Allow them to be in the making process from the very begging.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

DIY Halloween Costumes doesn’t have to look all fancy and perfect. It’s all in the IDEA, so allow your children to be the creators.

DIY Checkers Halloween Costume with black and white squares on a cardboard box with black and white circles as checkers.
This DIY Checkers Halloween Costume isn’t just a board, but it has checkers glued on it too.

If she wants to color those checker square blocks with crayons (not the spray paint or markers), let her do it. She will be proud of it!

After me this Checkers costume my daughter was excited and wanted to make more! Why not!

Change Your DIY Checkers Halloween Costume To a Tic Tac Toe Board

Look at what we came up with later on. The TIC TAC TOE Halloween Costume that you can actually play with. Those are sticky, yet they are from cardboard! Let the TRICK & TREAT & PLAY begin!

DIY Tic Tac Toe Board Halloween Costume is blue with a pound symbol with red x's and white circles.
Change your DIY checkers Halloween costume into a Tic Tac Toe costume.

This costume is so versatile that you can change it up to fix whatever board game you like best!

DIY Checkers Halloween Costume for kids
I love that it even includes the checkers pieces.

Want More?

Not interested in being a board game for Halloween? Maybe you’ll like this list of Homemade Halloween Costumes. There are so many to choose from and many of them are easy to make.

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