{Kids Cook!} Simple Healthy Cream Pops

This healthy cream pops are super simple to make.  They are one of my favorite kid-friendly recipes.  In fact, they only require one ingredient and your kids can easily make them all by themselves!  Oh, and did I mention they are healthy and delicious?  That’s right, this is a dessert you can say yes to on a regular basis!  We love smoothie pops in our house, but sometimes the process of blending fruit and yogurt is a pain and it requires you have quite a few items on hand.  In a moment of bare cupboards (or freezer to be more exact) and laziness I discovered this wonderfully easy recipe, if you can call it that!  The key is kefir, a healthy probiotic drink.  If you’ve never had kefir before it’s basically drinkable yogurt,  it tastes quite good, plus it’s full of beneficial bacteria, protein and calcium.  Now if your child can pour things unassisted you really don’t need to help at all!  Toddlers will need a little help, but they will love creating their own popsicles and gain valuable motor skill practice.

cream pops

To Make Simple Healthy Cream Pops You’ll Need

  • Kefir (we love blueberry, but any flavor will work)
  • Popsicle molds (Dixie cups work in a pinch)
  • Pieces of fruit (mashed bananas work well, but any will do)

how to make cream pops

How to Make Simple Healthy Cream Pops

  1. Pour kefir into popsicle molds.
  2. Add sticks.
  3. Place in freezer.
  4. Enjoy!

So next time you’re at the market, pick up a bottle of kefir.  Then you’ll be just a short wait from a healthy, delicious treat!   I hope you and your kids enjoy these as much as we do!

Looking for other healthy desserts?  Try another of my family’s favorites: Healthy  No-Churn Chocolate Banana Ice Cream! Yummy!

Want another dead simple frozen pop idea?  Try these single ingredient Pudding  Pops.  You don’t even have to pour anything and they taste like s’mores!

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