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Supper ideasLet’s chat about realistic, healthy suppers that the whole family will eat.

I have this little problem that most of the time I don’t cook.   And then when I do, it is met with {at best} a lukewarm response which is a bit discouraging.   It is a goal of mine this year to create a rotation of meals that my entire family will EAT and have a nutritional value higher than what I would pull from the freezer pre-packaged.

Feeding the family is more than simply providing meals, it is about fueling a healthy, active lifestyle to keep you and your loved ones going strong.   One key to eating right is choosing nutrient-rich foods.   These “power foods” supply fuel and essential nutrients that help power your body and brain.   Focus on naturally nutrient-rich foods like colorful fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy, whole grans and lean meat for your next Sunday night supper and all week long.TX Beef Council

Let’s find some recipes to add to the family meal rotation!

Supper Recipe Ideas

In the quest for family-friendly supper, here are three nutrient-rich recipes tested at home by myself and 9 of my blogging friends.

These are REAL world, REAL family experiences!

Chipotle Sloppy Joes with Crunchy Coleslaw

sloppy joes with crunchy cole slawThis is one of my favorite recipes in the whole world.   In fact, I wrote about it several months ago in a post titled, The Best Thing I Ever Made for Dinner.   The recipe is from the Healthy Beef Cookbook by Richard Chamberlain.   It is also available on the Texas Beef website:   Chipotle Sloppy Joes with Crunchy Coleslaw.

Trista, from Mommy Upgrade, had a similar experience.   Her husband reported, “This is the best sandwich you’ve ever made for me.”   She also writes about the ingredient, Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce.   I had never used that ingredient before this recipe either and ended up doing exactly what she did!   We like our things spicy here too so I usually double what is called for.   Also, the cans are HUGE.   What I have done is make the recipe and then spoon the rest of the Chipotle Peppers into a Ziploc bag, flattened the bag and froze it.   Now when I make it, I just cut off several inches of the frozen ingredient saving me the stress of thinking up other recipes to use it in!

Allie, from Screwed Up Texan, also made this nutrient rich healthy supper.   She reports that all 3 of her boys LOVED this as well.   You need to go over and see her amazing photo along with a video about enhancing nutrition through beef {vegetarians have probably stopped reading by now}.   The bonus was that she had dinner on the table in under 30 minutes.   That is a portion of her picture above.

Brenda, from Meal Planning Magic, chose this healthy family supper due to the spicy Chipotle peppers knowing it would go over well with her husband.   Shhh…she didn’t mention the black beans, corn and wheat buns.   BUT it was a hit and she was impressed by how quickly she was able to pull it together.

Szechuan Beef Stir-Fry

Beef Stir Fry SzechuanI am going to try this recipe next.   Especially after reading these bloggers’ experience at home.   You can find it on the Texas Beef website here:   Szechuan Beef Stir-Fry

Jessica, from My Baking Heart, made this and reported it was an easy supper that was “perfect for a busy weeknight meal.”   Please go visit because her pictures will make your mouth water {the one above is a portion of one of them}.

Arena, from The Nerd’s Wife, also raved about what an easy dinner this was to make.   It took her just 20 minutes from start to finish.   She also posted some tips for choosing nutrient-rich foods amid her sunny photos…I NEED those yellow plates!

Amy, from Mom’s Toolbox, made the Szechuan Beef Stir-Fry for dinner one night and it was hit with all her kids…and a neighbor as well! She thought it was “perfect for any night when time is tight and you don’t want to compromise on nutrition or flavor.”   She suggested increasing the broccoli and cutting the meat a bit smaller.   For a fun family meal, she paired it with chopsticks and fortune cookies.

Crystal, from Crystal & Co, used a wok to make this simple supper recipe.   Since she has 5 hungry boys to feed with varying tolerances of heat, she altered the level of spices.   She paired it with a salad topped with Asian Sesame dressing.   She has beautifully photographed step by step instructions.

Lori, from A Day in the Motherhood, did NOT make this healthy beef recipe.   Her husband did!   And he doesn’t usually cook.   She also had some various modification suggestions for kids with different taste preferences.

Christina, from A Closet Writer, was excited to try this Sunday supper recipe.   Her family had been under the weather {it is going around!} and so she was looking for something quick and appetizing to sensitive tummies.   Her family LOVED it.   She was so surprised to serve multiple servings to kids who hadn’t eaten much all week.

Porcini Mushroom and Beef Bolognese

porcini mushroom and beef bologneseAnd now for the recipe that I made.

Yep, I was the ONLY one to try this one.   It can be found on the Texas Beef website:   Porcini Mushroom and Beef Bolognese Recipe.

My entire family gobbled up the Beef Bolognese with Porcini Mushrooms.   Not only did we eat it the first night, but we had several additional meals and snacks with this large recipe.   Tonight we finished it off…and the boys were thrilled that there were still left-overs!

Since all these recipes feature beef {we ARE working with the Texas Beef Council, y’all}, I thought it would be cool to get some tips from them {they know a bunch about beef} about selecting low fat beef…

Low Fat Beef Tips

  • When purchasing ground beef, look for lean or extra lean.
  • If you buy beef that is less than 90% lean, you can reduce fat content by up to 50% by using this simple rinsing process.
  • After browning, use slotted spoon to remove beef crumbles onto plate lined with paper towels and let sit for 1 minute blotting the top with more paper towels.   Next, place beef in a colander over a large bowl and pour very hot (not boiling) water over the beef.   Drain for 5 minutes.
  • Rinsing the beef will not decrease the beef’s vitamins and minerals.

We are hoping that these simple supper ideas will help get a nutrient-rich, family-friendly meal on YOUR table!

Texas Beef Council Twitter Party All 10 bloggers mentioned are working with the Texas Beef Council this month as a part of their Healthy Meals to Fuel the Family series.   You can follow along on twitter with the #TXBeef hashtag and join us for a Twitter party on March 6 from 8-9 pm CST.


  1. My oldest daughter told me my dinners tasted like prison food. After that I just served dinners specifically so they were less likely to end up in prison…we are all organic now, so that has to count for something!

  2. You had me at Chipotle!!! I’m always looking for new meals to add to our rotation –Can’t wait to try these, thanks

  3. The Chipotle Sloppy Joes look so good. The slaw on top is so adventurous.
    Lovin’ all the beefy recipes.

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