Family mealtime often gets lost in the shuffle of busy days jam-packed with activities! An important step to fueling the family with nutritious foods, studies show children who dine with the family are healthier, happier and better students.

Make mealtime a priority by planning ahead and focusing on simple and healthy recipes.

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Yummy dinner recipes!

Make the most of family mealtime with these five easy tips

On top of your meal plans, make sure all of the members of the family are present, both physically, emotionally and socially. Having difficulties in helping the young ones put their phones down? Here are some suggestions you can do for a change on your meal time.

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Tip 1: Enjoy one more family mealtime every week!

Take a quick inventory of how many times you usually eat together as a family and look for easy ways to add one more family meal to your weekly schedule.   If evenings are too hectic for a family dinner, set aside time for a weekend breakfast or lunch.   After a month or two of this new pattern, you can then add another family meal each week until you are enjoying mealtime together most days of the week.

Tip 2: Enjoy tasty menus for family meals!

If you think putting a meal together had to be complicated or time-consuming, think again!   The best meals are simple, delicious and planned together.   Let everyone choose a favorite menu.   Even small children can pick a main dish (like tacos or pasta), a vegetable (green salad or cooked carrots), and fruit for dessert (sliced apples or a fruit salad).

Tip 3: Set an appealing table for family meals!

Food is just one important part of mealtime. There are really easy ways to set the mood for a relaxed time around the table. A little extra attention to the actual table setting can add a lot to mealtime atmosphere. Go for a theme night like taco salad and Mexican fiesta décor using leftover souvenirs from your trip to Cancun or have one of the children make a centerpiece by folding colored construction paper.

Tip 4: Enjoy conversation at the table!

The conversations families have while eating together offer many benefits. Children learn new words from adults and adults are able to share the values with the next generation. Choose topics that are positive and allow everyone to talk. Even toddlers like to discuss topics like what is your favorite color or what made you laugh today .

Tip 5: Enjoy distraction-free meals.

TVs, DVDs, multiple phone calls and text messaging can distract anyone making it difficult to eat or carry on a conversation.   The solution is simple: Declare mealtime an electronics-free zone (except for an emergency, of course).   Imagine that you are dining at a nice restaurant and play some soothing background music at low volume.   It will be much more relaxing for everyone to be unplugged, especially you!

Beef Recipes your family will enjoy

Now that you have these tips, explore out beef recipes galore that you and your family can enjoy together!

Have you tried all these meal tips? How about these yummy beef recipes? Share with us in the comments!

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