Too Many cardboard boxes?? Here are 50 cardboard crafts to make!!

What to do with cardboard boxes?

We buy a TON online, especially in recent months – and this means we have TONS of boxes. Have kids at home?  Don’t throw away your cardboard – before you recycle it, play-cycle. Check out this variety of Cardboard crafts you can make with them.

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Here are 50 things you can do with a Card Board Box!!

collage of cardboard crafts to do with kids
50 creative things to make with cardboard

Cardboard crafts

Paper puss-n-boots. Bring life to your cardboard boxes by cutting them into storybook characters. at Kids Activities Blog

Make a no-water-needed aquarium – the fish are cardboard. Love how bright this version is from Made by Joel

Finger puppets are so fun, and easy to create. Cut holes into your “people” for the fingers. via The Pink Doormat

There are no instructions from this post from Cargo Collective, but the concepts are terrific – LOTS of cardboard animal face ideas you can wear!

Create an animal “dropbox” – if your kids are like mine they will love dropping animals (or cars) through the slots. via Meri Cherry

Your kids will disappear for an hour – all you need is a big box and a handful of crayons! via Berry Sweet Baby


collage of cardboard toys projects for kids
Cardboard toys are fun to make

Cardboard toys 

Bring your self-portraits to life and “make a twin.” Color a picture of yourself and transfer it to cardboard, add brads for movement and you have a paper puppet. at Kids Activities Blog

Minecraft is huge at our house, if it is at yours too, try making these cardboard “creepers” from Ambrosia Girl

What a fun play date and a great way to enjoy all your Amazon boxes! Build and paintbox towers in your yard. via Meri Cherry

Take your playhouse with you – this foldable cardboard house is perfect for trips to the park or a playdate at Grams. via This Heart of Mine


Things to make out of cardboard

Make pendulum art using a diaper wipe dipped in paint, suspended, and swung onto a cardboard box. Have a hose nearby for easy clean-up. at Kids Activities Blog

Get ready for battle, create swords and a shield with cardboard and paper mache. via Red Ted Art

Create musical instruments with your leftover boxes. This one uses rubber bands from Minieco

A large box can be the perfect playscape. Draw roads and scenery for your small world toys to explore. via The Imagination Tree

man wear cardboard box robot
50 ways to use cardboard boxes.

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Cardboard box ideas

You can create a working loom using cardboard boxes and sturdy yarn. Super nifty! via Craft Leftovers

Take off one side of a box and tape the tops together as a “pitched roof” for these fun crawl-in homes. via Loft in Soho

Get building. You can cut cardboard into shapes to create a set of stackers. These are a great disposable toy, put a baggie-full in your bag. via Meaningful Mama

Cubbies are fun. Make a collection of box-holes to organize small toys. via Top Tips

This is a nifty pattern, worth the funds!! It shows you how to transform a box into a multi-story doll home. Available on Etsy.

Use circles, paint and googly eyes, along with magnetic tape to create some fun animal faces. via Meri Cherry

50 ways to create with cardboard

Cardboard projects 

This cardboard town is so cute for riding cars and trucks around the playhouses from non-toy gifts

Teach your preschoolers fraction using this watermelon puzzle from Happy Tot shelf

You only need few supplies to make this Cardboard Roller coaster car inspired by The wonder park via Kids activities blog.

You don’t want to go to an arcade to play skeeball. Make your own using cardboard boxes craft. Via purposeful mommy 

After seeing this Cardboard box lap tray, I immediately wanted to make one for me via The centisble life 

Cardboard crafts for kids

If your kids are all about playing grocery shop, then you need to make this DIY Cardboard cash register. Via Handmade charlotte

Make your own Giraffe crafts for a Sophie fan in the house via Kids activities blog. 

Make your own camper playhouse when you can’t camp outside via The Merry thought 

The cardboard box elevator is so much fun for someone who loves pushing buttons. Via Repeat crafter me

Rotating knobs, drawer, refrigerator- this cardboard kitchen looks fun! Via Vikalpah 

Easy cardboard crafts

Wondering what to do with a large cardboard box? Make this DIY grocery shop via Ikat bag

This wearable cardboard car will look so cute on your kids via Homemaker’s habitat

This marble craft will be an entertaining project to make and play via Kids activities blog.

No-screen version of classic bricks puzzle game helps your kids in problem-solving & logical thinking. Via Instructables

You wouldn’t believe this is cardboard. 3D faux metal letters from Grillo Designs

DIY Cardboard projects

Put your cardboard boxes together for instant shelving using cardboard boxes like Remodelista

You will love this take on upcycling a cardboard box with felt and wooden handles from Lily Ardor

Some spray adhesive and a yard of fabric are all you want to make your own storage boxes. Via The crazy craft lady

Make a beautiful lantern using vellum paper and cardboard via Etsy

Turn your Amazon shipping boxes into DIY Baskets for storing everything around your house. Via Vikalpah

Easy Cardboard crafts

Create your own one-of-a-kind cardboard reindeer decor for holidays this year. Via Kids activities blog.

Puzzles are a fun way to keep kids occupied, make your own cardboard puzzle game via Mixi studio

Circle or round weaving is so much fun to do! You can make trivets or wall art via Happy Hooligans

This Gingerbread tissue box will be a conversation starter. Via the tiny funnel

If your kids like stringing beads, this beaded letters from Kid made modern will be an interesting one to make for their room. 

Cardboard box projects

Artificial flowers will look wonderful in this 2D cardboard vase compared to the plain glass ones. Via Lars

Don’t have a green thumb? Try making this Cardboard Catus to beautify your tabletop. Via Jennifer Perkins

This cardboard play food is perfect for playing pretend bakery. Via Handmade Charlotte

Do you always lose your hair-ties? Make a hair-tie organizer from a cardboard box to keep track of them. Via Fancy Momma

Make your own Dry erase board using clear contact paper/plastic bag and few other supplies. Via Curly made

The cardboard playhouse is super fun to make and play inside! Via A Girl and A glue gun

collage of projects using cardboard box ideas
50 Cardboard box ideas to try!

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