Old Town Waterpark “ Lewisville

Since we don’t have a pool at our house, the boys and I have been on Pool Tour DFW Summer ’09. We have swam several times a week at the generosity of friends, neighbors and communities. In fact, it has been a great tour and isn’t helping my campaign on the homefront for a pool of our own.

The boys love Old Town Aquatic Park in Lewisville. I love that it is easy to make sure that three boys running in different directions are safe.

Old Town Water Park 1

Rhett who is three loves the little park-like spiral waterslide and the splash area. Reid and Ryan who are older really like the larger pool area with a very lazy river. It is so lazy I am not sure that it can be called a river.

There are quite a few covered picnic areas and seating for observing adults. The price of admission is low – even for non-Lewisville residents and we easily spent 2 to 3 hours on each visit if snacks/lunch were remembered.

Old Town Water Park 2

Old Town Aquatic Park is located at 535 W. College in Lewisville. More information about hours and admission charges can be found on the City of Lewisville website.


  1. I just found out about this place and was wondering if they allow you to bring in ice chest and such with your own lunches/snacks in them. I know that some water parks do not allow this. I plan on taking a 2 year old, an 8 year old and twin 12 year olds along with my future Mother In Law.

  2. yes, you can take an ice chest.

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