the very tired potluck

Potlucks are on MondaysOK, that might not be the BEST title to entice readers…

…but I am too tired to care.

{OMG!   She is cranky just a mere two weeks into this weekly Monday potluck revival.}

I am just hoping YOU are bringing the energy.

And leaving left-overs.

I am blaming this trio for my fatigue…

three boys playing with hex bugsI know they look innocent enough, but they have seriously made me believe in naps {for me} over the holidays.

Last week on Wednesday {finally}, they returned to school.


Getting back into a routine is good for everyone…especially me.

holly is living better through pinterestMany of the hottest pins over the last week have had to do with organization.   I have started collecting a whole bunch of fun ones {I am on Pinterest HERE}.   It has inspired me to do something about my linen/medicine cabinet in the master bedroom.

It isn’t AWFUL, but it isn’t INSPIRING.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to open up a closet and feel inspired?

linen closet beforeOne of the ideas I really liked was instead of worrying about how perfectly you fold your sheets, you use one of the pillow cases as an envelope to hold the entire set of sheets.

That tip was from Martha Stewart.

And then I went to my linen closet and found that, unlike Martha, I don’t have ENTIRE sets of sheets…I have a mismatched, hodge-podge, hand-me-down, and whatever has survived the years very UNMATCHED un-sets.

In fact, it seems that pillow cases are at a premium in my house.   Most of the available ones are in active rotation.

So, I have come up with something that works better for me.   I hope to post the AFTER a bit later this week.   After I post the quinoa recipe I promised LAST week…

promises, promises.

The other thing I suspect that was a bit different than when Martha re-organized her linen closet is that I threw away many expired medications.

One dated back to 1988.

I am not kidding.


1988, people.

And that was when it EXPIRED.

No wonder my medicine cabinet wasn’t inspiring…it was expiring.

Weird Creatures at Holly’s House

I have caught two VERY peculiar creatures in my house this week:

boy in toyThis was Reid in the play area of where we get our oil changed.

Yep, I live a glamorous life.

Actually, this Kwik Kar is one of my boys favorite errands because they have a secluded playroom with a bunch of old know the kind that WE played with as kids.

Reid stuck this on his head and thought he was hysterical.

And a space man.

boy raiding fridge covered in a blanketAnd this was Rhett.

With MY blanket over his head.

Raiding the fridge.

Pretty scary stuff…

and I am just talking about the fridge contents.

Let’s see what Holly has been up to other places!

stuff holly writes elsewhereThis week was all about organization over at Quirky Momma.

I decided awhile back that I needed to get the kids treasures organized.   They were plentiful.   They were things the boys claimed to not be able to live without.

organizing kids treasures

So, we held a treasure auction and then organized the won prized items.   Overall, it has worked really well and given them a place to save new treasures…as long as they have the room.

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl?Alrighty…

This week’s fruit bowl contents are reminiscent to last weeks:

  • a 1/4th of bag of Cuties
  • one VERY overripe banana
  • 3 red apples
  • 5 green apples
  • an upholstery tack that fell off one of the dining room chairs {STILL not identified}

Happy Monday!   May your day be energized…


  1. My neighbor showed JDaniel how to stick his head in one of those toys. He loved it.

  2. We have cuties in our fruit bowl too…

    So, love Rhett with the blanket and the fridge! too cute…

    and I happen to fold my sheets that way. I always have. (event he mismatched ones) and you know what? I am pretty sure i did it before I even knew who MS was…

  3. Carla Scarborough says:

    1988-laughing my fool head off. I thought I was bad! Thanks for always making me laugh!

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