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Road Trip Across The Country With Kids

Sometimes the best road trip experiences happen when you  fail to arrive  at your destination.



We  headed out this morning with my friend Shannon and her family to  try a series of Lake Michigan playgrounds  in Milwaukee when we were literally stopped in our tracks by  one wackiest  parades we’ve ever seen.

Nearly every street in the city’s Bayview neighborhood was barricaded for the South Shore Water Frolics Parade which we happened upon when trying to cross a main artery.

(The locals were referring to the event simply as “the Frolics,” as though it is quite  famous. Turns out, it is. The parade started in 1948 and is the longest in Milwaukee County–2.5 miles. It’s part of a three-day event culminating in fireworks and attended by more than 70,000 people.)

Homemade soapbox bumper cars whizzed down the boulevard, samba dancers in Las Vegas-style headdresses shimmied forth,  a rock band with a  drummer dressed  as an Easter bunny raged on the back of a flatbed truck.

One of my favorite groups were the Shiners. They peddled a bicycle fashioned for maybe  25 grandpas. When the  crew couldn’t  managed an  incline, a “pusher” truck literally shoved them forward.

We waved to Miss Wisconsin. We blew kisses to Miss Polish Heritage. (At least I think that was her title. Her convertible was speedy.)

The crowd was great, too: Dudes covered in tattoos, new-age moms, grandmothers watching grandkids, teenagers   with green hair. They  all raised their Red Solo cups in solidarity and good fun.

Lucky for you, the Frolics  isn’t the only festival: Milwaukee plays host to different types of festivals nearly all summer long. Simply Google “Milwaukee” and “summer festivals” and you’ll find something interesting  happening while you’re here.

And after enduring  nine months of winter on the shores of Lake Michigan, I can see why they’re celebrating.


Road Trip With Kids

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