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Road Trip Across The Country With Kids

Our spin through Madison, Wis., should  be epic for four-year-old Charlotte.

shower head

For one, we’re staying in a turret. (Like the kind Rapunzel lived in.)

Over her little bed hangs a  gorgeous crystal chandelier.  (Think Belle’s castle.)

In the evening, as the sun goes down, we watch from our balcony as  white boats scoot across  a shimmering  Lake Mendota.  (The Little Mermaid should have been so lucky.)

But what  is Charlotte telling everyone she meets about our stay?

“We have,” she says proudly, “a telephone in our shower.”

This is not that kind   of phone in which you  use to call  out for pizza.

It is  a shower head from 1985, the kind Grandma has, that allows you to lift it from its overhead cradle to spray yourself. There is a long, silver hose attached.

Frankly, I always thought these were weird rather than innovative. I mean, unless you are shaving your legs, what use are they? Wouldn’t your  wet head get  cold while you were  busy hosing down the back of your knees?

Then again, if you are a preschooler who hates to get her hair washed and finally you have a shower head that allows your mother to control the spray so the soap doesn’t rain into your eyes? Why, it is simply brilliant.

This is why I love road trips: You stumble upon amazing, life-changing experiences when you least expect it.

And I refuse to get all judge-y about what counts as a terrific travel experience.

While one person may suddenly see religion, politics or  history  in a new light after their 30-day road trip, my child’s opinion of showering has forever changed.

Furthermore, so has mine:  After all, I’m the one who  suffers alongside her when she gets soap in her eyes.

(You better believe I am going to find a 1985 shower head when I get back to Texas to install  in her bathroom.)

It turns out that Charlotte and I are not the only converts.

“Mom,” said Elizabeth, as she burst into Charlotte’s turret wrapped and dripping in a bath towel, “Charlotte was right! The shower head in our bathroom is amazing!”


Road Trip With Kids

Does your kid cry when getting their hair washed? We have solutions!

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