Holly makes it to Day Two of 21 meals

Whew. We felt pretty good making it through day one of the Chef Cat Cora 21 meal menu as seen on Oprah.

And then we realized that day two would mean three homemade meals.

Three homemade meals.

I think I can ¦I think I can ¦I think I can.

Let's make breakfast!

We decided to try:

Egg Whites, Turkey Bacon and Low Fat Cheddar Tortilla Wraps

This was also one of the recipes that Chef Cora demonstrated on the Oprah show in the home of an ordinary family. Bianca tackled this breakfast and when I saw it I was surprised because I could have sworn that on the TV show it looked yellow – like the whole egg was used. I checked the website and they mention use of only egg whites ¦

And I just have to ask WHY?

Egg Yolks for disposal

First of all, separating the 6 yolks from the 6 whites seemed cruel ¦they seemed so happy together.

Then disposing of the 6 yolks since none of the recipes in the 21 meal menu uses them seems very wasteful.

And third, by only using the egg whites the total recipe size seemed small.

And fourth, I LIKE the taste of the yolks.

And fifth, the yolks contain a bunch of nutrients that the whites do not.

And finally, none of my family members have high cholesterol or have special dietary needs and let's be frank ¦eating a few egg yolks is MUCH better for them then what they might have been eating on any other given morning for breakfast.

Sorry, I got a little caught up in my pro-yolk agenda.

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