Water Bottle Craft ~ Whirligigs

Water bottle whirligigs are a fun summer-time water bottle craft!  They’re super-easy to make, and they look beautiful hanging in the backyard, spinning in the breeze.

Wind-spinners, garden-spinners, or whirligigs?   I’m not sure what these whimsical outdoor decorations should be called.  What I do know is that they’re a great way to upcycle a few water bottles into a gorgeous (and fun!) garden ornament!  Crafting with recyclables is always a bonus too.  This water bottle craft is  free, and I always have a bin full of them in my garage.  It’s important to me to teach my daycare children the value (and joy) of recycling and upcycling materials we have on hand.


water bottle craft


To make our Water Bottle Craft, you’ll need:

  • plastic drink bottles (a heavier weight like a Gatorade bottle works)
  • glass baubles (from a thrift shop chandelier)
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • fishing line


water bottle craft


How to make your water bottle craft:

Give your water bottles a rinse with some hot water to remove any residue from the inside of the bottle.

With your scissors, cut into the side of the water bottle, very near to the bottom and cut that flat bottom of the bottle right off.

Now, starting at the bottom, simply start cutting a strip about the width of one of your fingers.  No need to be too particular here.  Just cut  ’round and ’round your bottle until you’re about an inch or so away from the top.


water bottle craft


See the gorgeous spiral you’ve created?  Isn’t that pretty?  Time to make it even prettier!


The baubles:

Chandelier baubles are great to use when crafting.  Not only are the gorgeous, you can usually come by heaps of them at yard sales and thrift shops.  And let’s face it – there’s a good chance that your parents, or a friend has a gaudy, outdated chandelier stashed in an attic or storage room, and they’d be more than happy to part with the baubles in the name of a good, old-fashioned whirligig craft!

Attaching the baubles to your water bottle craft whirligig:

To attach your baubles to your whirligigs, just punch a hole very close to the bottom of your plastic spiral.  Attached to your bauble, should be a fine wire.  Simply slip the wire through the hole, and twist to secure.


water bottle craft


Hanging your water bottle whirligig craft:

Attach a length of fishing line up through the top of the water bottle craft  and head on out to the yard!

I hung our water bottle whirligigs low enough for the hooligans to swat and swing at them.  They love to jump up and grab one, and stretch it down, down, down to the ground, and then BOING ¦ they let go, and the spiral goes dancing and bouncing all over the place.  When the wind blows, the  water bottle crafts  come to life on their own.


Whirligigs ma


Wouldn’t they look lovely hanging on a deck, in a window or adding a bit of sparkle to a corner of your yard? We also love these  water bottle crafts  over at PBS Kids!

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