flower addiction

We spent last week in the Vail Valley.

Vail Valley flowersIt was literally 35 degrees cooler there than here when we arrived.

35 degrees.

One of my favorite things about vacation is just taking pictures.

Colorado flowers

I probably have 100 pictures of orange poppies only rivaled by the number of pictures of pink poppies only rivaled by the number of pictures of mountains only rivaled by the number of pictures of my boys.

I just can’t help it.

I want to scoop it all up and take it home with me.

Vail flowersExcept that it all wouldn’t survive.

Those 35 degrees are important ones.


  1. These are beautiful! I bet you could have looked at them for hours.

  2. so beautiful! I have summer envy, since everything here goes brown and dies in the 110 degree heat

  3. I LOVE the pictures.
    I am also from Dallas (well North a little as it is up in Plano) and you are so right we NEED some cooler weather or at least some rain.
    Your pictures are some of the prettiest I have ever seen………hugs..deb

  4. These make me want to drive there right now. Oh and that mention of 35 degrees cooler. Yeah, that too.

  5. Gorgeous! Jealous of that 35 degrees. We went tropical and when the hotel folks would ask if we were hot, we were like “This? This is practically a day in the park. It’s lovely!”

  6. Gorgeous photo’s ~the colors are beautiful!

    I love taking my camera on vacation, too!

  7. OMG… those are so gorgeous. And I’m very jealous of your temps in CO. I understand it’s dropping about one degree a day here in Dallas. By the weekend we may be down to 108 °F. Might need to break out the sweaters.

  8. Wonderful flower photos. None in my yard. They have all burned up in our heat!

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