Reality reared it’s ugly head today. I had been feeling sluggish and squishy and generally blah lately. I decided to step on the scale today and confirm my suspicions. I’ve gained about three pounds in the last few weeks. I know that does not seem like much. And I guess it is not. But I could feel it. I do feel it. A few things fit a little differently. Like I said, my energy levels have been nonexistent. motivation What to do about it? I gave myself a personal challenge. Husband and I are (finally) taking our winnings from the Biggest Loser contest we won last September. In two weeks we will get one night in a hotel, dinner, and free babysitting. So I told Husband I was going to get “two weeks hotter” for the date. That means no soda (unless it is diet, which I don’t really like). And hitting the gym or Shredding every week day between now and then. Ten days of exercise and one modest change in my diet will hopefully be enough to knock those pounds out. It may seem silly or vain to be worried over such a small weight gain. But three pounds can turn into five, then ten. I’ve never been overweight in my life. With each pregnancy I have gained less weight than the one before (I know! Crazy!). I don’t want to start my thirties feeling bad about myself. I want to start the next decade of my life feeling better than I’ve ever felt before. So this two week challenge is my kick-start to getting back on track. For real this time. How many other areas of our life are like this? We let things slide once or twice and promise to get back to Mass. We spend that extra ten dollars we should really be saving. We put off that phone call to a friend one more day. Before we know it, Sundays are days for being selfish with our time, we have no money in our savings account, and we’ve forgotten our friend’s phone number. Extreme? Maybe, but we all know it could happen. I’ll let you know how my personal challenge goes. Do you need to take a two week challenge?

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  1. You know those small things really count. I quit drinking all soda this year and ive lost twelve pounds. I feel alot better too.