i bought easy feet

I saw the EASY FEET commercial:

Here are the highlights from the As Seen on TV version:

How do you clean your feet?

You bend, stretch and you can’t reach!

Keeping your tired feet young looking is such a chore, but not anymore.

That makes me worn out just thinking about it.

Hi, this is Jessica and this is EASY FEET, a revolution in convenience.

It has over 1,000 rejuvenating bristles that massage and clean the top, bottom AND a built in pumice stone for rough cracked heels…

EASY FEET will literally change the way you bathe forever.


I can’t stop watching!

Next comes my favorite part when Jody M says in an accent that isn’t identifiable to any one country, but sounds incredibly sophisticated endorses the product because she is much more “confident” when wearing her “strapless shoes”, but yet Jody seems to be wearing shoes with a whole bunch of straps, but I don’t even care because of the fancy accent.

But stop, there is a better part!   An “athlete” demonstrates how stinky his sneakers smell while taking a shower.   “Athletes” often can be found soaking wet in the shower sniffing their tennis shoes.

The commercial isn’t done because Vonda F needs to report that her feet look “10 times better” and she loves it.   Well, with some fancy video editing she actually in “love, love”.

The final scene before the price reveal is Jessica coming back and imploring us to “stop ignoring your feet!”

My feet are really important to me.   I don’t want them to feel neglected.   I went to the my computer ordered this product ASAP .

While placing my order online, I was extremely careful to end up with ONLY ONE of the cheapest versions of the product.   I have ordered enough As Seen on TV crap products to be very wary of the additional charges.

I said no to the extra product.

I said no to the two extra products to give as gifts.

I said no to the upgraded version that had twice as many bristles for comprehensive foot cleaning.

So imagine my surprise when AFTER I pushed the purchase button I was given a receipt that claimed I had ordered TWO.


I called the customer service number and told them my order number and to take one of the EASY FEET off my order.   They claimed that their system doesn’t update quickly and the only way I could take the additional order off my order was to call between 9 am and 12 pm the next day before it was shipped out.

Of course that wasn’t convenient for me so I ended up with two.   I will have to give them credit for lightning fast delivery, but am suspicious that it is part of a master plan to unload twice as much product.

EASY FEET foot scrubber

I pulled my EASY FEET out of the box and was a little grumpy about the second one, but popped it into my shower to give it a trial.   I poured shower gel into the little holes on the top of the arch that creates the car wash portion of the product.

There didn’t seem to be enough soap so I ended up pouring some more shower gel on the base.

I then washed my feet.   No one legged dance for me!

OK, I have been mocking this product for months, but it isn’t bad.

EASY FEET actually does clean and give a little massage.

There are two major drawbacks:

  • It takes a large quantity of soap.
  • This product would not work AT ALL for anyone with ticklish feet.   It would be torture.

Shockingly, I will use EASY FEET, but will probably continue to mock it as well…


  1. Of course, you ordered Easy Feet. I have no words. No words, my friend. Lol

  2. I have been mocking this product for months, and secretly wanting one every.single.time I’m in the shower. I think I’m going to take the plunge, thanks 🙂

  3. I have ticklish feet and I have been wondering how easy feet would work with that issue.

  4. You need an intervention for TV product addicts! I had to laugh about your order for two of them. I recently ordered a TV product and I swear I only ordered one but my purchase confirmation says I ordered two. I guess that’s one way to upsell.

  5. OMG. I am laughing so hard…I hadn’t even thought of that.


  6. If you find one on your doorstep…

  7. It would be total torture to use Easy Feet when you are ticklish. Self inflicted torture.

  8. Do it. mwahahahahaha.

  9. It is my job.

    I am here to inform.

  10. I almost hate to tell you this, but my local Walmart has a whole isle dedicated to As Seen On TV products. Just yesterday I saw the Easy Feet there. I’m still hoping/waiting for the Pajama Jeans.

  11. happycampers says:

    I have ordered 1 thing off TV my whole life. On college. Richard Simmons Sweatin To The Oldies. I needed your guidance back then….

  12. Nice pedi, love that color. I can’t believe they ‘accidentally’ had you order 2 sets. What a scam. At least they’re fun to use. You’ll have to keep us up to date. It looks like all those nice white bristle might like to grow mold on them when damp.
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  13. I am cracking up at the sneakers. GROSS!!

    But, I am a sucker for as seen on tv stuff!!

  14. Oh my goodness! Hilarious! I think I might need one of these though. I’ve been neglecting my feet for so long! The only As Seen on TV product I’ve ever bought was the “Chef Tony knives” that never need sharpening (as long as you only intend to use them for about 2 years).

  15. Athletes  often can be found soaking wet in the shower sniffing their tennis shoes.

    I have seen this infomercial eleventy seven times (it’s like I’m in a trance when it comes on the tv screen)…but I never even noticed the “athlete” sniffing his shoes. LOLOLOL

  16. How much does this really tickle? My feet are pretty ticklish, but I don’t mind being tickled. So how bad is the tickling exactly?

  17. My feet are pretty ticklish too, but I want that feet scrubber badly. I think I could endure the ticklish part in exchange for a well-scrubbed feet.:-)

  18. It almost seems like it would feel like somebody tickling your feet with a soft bristle brush. On a scale of 1-10 my feet are a 10 on the ticklish scale lol. So i don’t know where yours rate on that scale, but you better be ready to laugh, or cry, depending on your reaction to being tickled lol.

  19. HA! I have been laughing at that thing too. Seems a little odd and a lot ticklish. Might have to either give it a try or mock it less… can’t decide which! 🙂

  20. Hilarious!!! I have seen these commercials a few times and as someone who loves a good foot massage I was curious about the product. Your writing makes me laugh and I can so realte to buying stuff on T.V. and it not being up to par.. I am glad I found your blog I will be here often. 🙂
    Mary Ickert
    Charlotte, NC

  21. I like to use it with socks on for a massager. My feet are just too ticklish bare! Its not even useful if your really ticklish.

  22. If you have not seen the commercial or have no idea what I am talking about, let me fill you in. Easy Feet looks like a shower sandal but has bristles hanging from the top strap area and protruding from the base. There are suction cups on the bottom so you can stick it on the shower floor, side of the tub or tile walls. You simply slide your foot inside and move it around.

  23. ok, so blueviolet said you order all the as seen on tv stuff…
    i think we might need to be best friends…
    i want to order everything… but i don’t… i just can’t.
    i admit, i headed over to your blog as soon as i saw that in hopes that you would tell me about the easy feet… and yep, you did…
    if only you lived near me… lol… i think it would be trouble.
    nice to meet you, i am now a new follower

  24. Ok, so listen up moms—-have you seen the 20-20 shows about whats on the bottom of your shoes and what sticks to your feet after wearing flip-flops/sandals all day? Seriously, there is enough bacteria, e-coli, spit, and dog pee to sicken a third world country! And no telling what the kids have walked through….So, take off your shoes at the front door, scoot on in to the tub and slide those tootsies through the easy feet car wash. You can even park one at the back door with your fav sudsy and the garden hose. Not only will the carpet stay cleaner longer, you will feel better about letting your sweet babies crawl around on a cleaner floor.

  25. Hilarious! You have me intrigued, I must say.

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