Themes for the upcoming year, with a sample activity to give you an idea of what we’ll be doing – I hope to have 4-6 activities a week:

  1. Air – vinegar & baking soda (gas) blowing up a balloon
  2. Water –   drop a variety of items in water and see what happens, do they sink or float?
  3. Earth – Go on a nature hike and identify non-living things, living things and signs of life
  4. Plants – Make plant rubbings (leaves are great)
  5. Bugs – Paint a symmetry butterfly picture.   Fold paper in half paint one half of the butterfly and fold over while the paint is wet to make a mirror image butterfly
  6. Birds – Feed ducks at a local pond
  7. Animals – Sound charades.   What sounds do these animals make?
  8. Body – Use butcher paper and trace your body.   Cut your body parts off (make a head, torso, leg, etc.) and reattach with paper fasteners.   Now you have a body puppet.
  9. Touch – Finger paint “ explore with textures in different colors of paint (glitter, oatmeal, cornstarch, salt, spices, shaving cream, glue, etc.).
  10. Taste – Make a food sculpture out of leftovers and then eat it.
  11. Sound – Bang a pot to teach rhythm with a favorite song
  12. Sight – Create spinning tops with a variety of primary colors.   What happens when the two colors mix?   What happens if there are lots of colors on the top?
  13. Shapes – Make shaped buttons out of clay and small cookie cutters
  14. Architecture – Try balancing a penny on a page of paper.   Is it easier if the paper is bended like a fan?   Like a book?   Cut into strips?   Woven?
  15. Time/History – Make a timeline of your average day
  16. Counting/matching – Play Uno “ this game matches the color and the number
  17. Physics – Find a hill and roll down it.   Roll other objects down the hill.   What things roll better than others?
  18. Geometry – Try and fold laundry items into all circle shapes.   How can you a shirt or a towel flat and in a circle? Triangle?   Rectangle?
  19. Geography – Play hide and seek with an item.   Kids have to give directions on how to find the item.

ACCK!   There are 35 weeks in the school year!   I am definitely in need of more themes!   Any suggestions?   I am compiling my activities to go along with each theme and will share them as I announce the “Theme of the week“.   Please comment or email me if you have any activity ideas to match the themes listed!

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