Dear Facebook Friends

Dear Facebook Friends,

I love you – I really do. I would not have accepted your friend request if we did not know one another in some capacity. I genuinely enjoy reading about your day, seeing your pictures, and watching you all try to one up each other to be the funniest facebooker.

facebook friends

Now here are some things that I would like to let you know about your status updates before you begin:

Yes – I know you are tired – really we are all tired – ’nuff said.

I think it is cute that you think that I am going to read your status update and suddenly say – “hey that was an amazing status update and I am going to go ahead and change political parties”. Guess what folks – not going to happen.

The whole reason that I like to check Facebook is because I like to know what is going on in your life – keep me informed – love that. I don’t even mind the mundane, “Bob is going to the store” status updates. I do, however, mind blasting your spouse for all of your 237 Facebook Friends to read. Please don’t do that – it makes me uncomfortable.

Facebook drama – I actually check Facebook hoping for drama – love it – HIGHLY entertaining. I do not however want to participate in anyway in any kind of drama. Find someone else to traumatize.

Tagging – really? Why you gotta be mean? Yes – the cream cheese stuffed blintz that I was eating was AWESOME – did I want a picture of me eating it on the internet for my entire past, present and future to see? Not so much.

Here is a little Facebook hint for you: Guess what? They changed the way that you update your status now so you can type in your entire story. There is no more need for this series of updates…….

Sally is sad…..

Sally’s friend – ??????
Another of Sally’s friends – What’s wrong honey?
Another of Sally’s friends – Hope you are having a great day. I love you!!!!!
Finally Sally – oh it is nothing guys – just some personal stuff going on

Sigh – news flash – don’t put it on Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much my sweet Facebook friends,

Now I gotta go update my status!


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Awesome – right?????



  1. Love this! My personal pet peeve are the people who on every – single – status update have to try to be all motivating and inspirational. So annoying!!! I mean, who made you the facebook guru? No thanks.
    And yes, I really hate the mystery updates you mentioned. Don’t leave us hanging, it is rude. “Really getting nervous about tomorrow”…Rude.
    Ahhh – so good to get that off my chest. Thanks!

  2. Burb Mom in Africa says:

    Love it… I would add… don’t send me all those requests for mafia wars, sorority life, and such…if I want to play, I ‘ll do it on my own…

    And…If I ignore a request to join a group or receive a gift…it’s not personal.

  3. Alycia Abts says:

    I would add: If I ignore your requests for me to join a group, play a game, or accept a gift it’s not personal…I just don’t have time or good Internet

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