Fit Matters for your Over-the-Shoulder-Boulder-Holder

As trendy women, our main focus is to keep our clothing brand-new, stylish and in-season; but do we always give the same consideration for our intimate attire? By now we should understand that the most important garments are what the public can not see.  That's why we love the Macy's website and their online Fit Matters program.   It’s for women who care to be fashionable, and comfortable, even under their stylish outfits.

Bra 400x300

Fit Matters is an online program that can help you find the perfect fit in bras and shapewear.   Want to enhance or minimize your bust line?   Do your straps fall off or your band dig in?   Wonder what options you have in lingerie when you want to wear that cute backless dress?   Fit Matters can problem solve your current bra issues and give you some great suggestions on enhancing your silhouette.   You can also see which intimate apparel pieces customers (the REAL experts!) love the most.   At Fit Matters, you can also take short quizzes to find your perfect bra or shapewear solution.   Of course, you’ve got to take a moment to look at some of the funny videos of real women talking about their own embarrassing oops  bra moments.   Don’t we all have a story like that?

She Is Dallas info: Visit Macy’s to learn more about Fit Matters, watch some videos, and find your perfect fit.   Of course, Macy’s also offers great in-store service and advice from their fit specialists.   Please visit the Macy’s Store Locator for the store nearest you.


  1. Thanks for the post Bianca!

    This service is so awesome and I recommend you and your readers take advantage of the services (in-store or online). I know when I have on the right bra I look slim, perky and feel more comfy in my outfits.

    I will be back to let you know about a list of Macy’s locations with “Fit” experts.

    Have a great weekend.

    Nicole D.
    Brand Advocate working on behalf of Macy’s

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