Divine Connection: Celebrate!

Divine Connection: For bone-weary Burb Moms who need to recollect themselves and reconnect    with the Divine.

Who knew spiritual discipline could be fun?  This week’s encouragement is to Celebrate!

My son was moved into the hardest math class a few months ago. It didn’t help that the class was with his least favorite teacher. (He thinks she’s mean.) He asked us to intervene and argue for the lower class. It was difficult to watch his struggle and daily sufferings even though we knew it was in his best interest.   When he got a 100% on his test last week, we took him out to buy a toy to celebrate. Every time he sees the toy he recalls his grade, our adulation and the fact that his mean old teacher  who has it in for him (his words, not mine) had to say, “Good job.”

It is human nature to mark the good and bad of life with ceremony. These are our sacred moments. We mark  the moment  in our memory so that it is itself memorable, and we mark it as a time to remember…to call to mind the challenges, the blessings, the actions  and intentions that led to this moment.   Sometimes  they allow us to see  the same event that marks an end, also marks a new beginning. And that, my friends, is reason to celebrate!

This week the Jewish faith celebrates Passover and the Christian faith celebrates Easter. Both are occasions to witness the razor thin line between  darkness and light.    I decided to read about the Passover this week and a line of scripture stood out to me I hadn’t seen before,”…About midnight I will go out through Egypt.” (Exodus 11:4)    I love the note in The Meeting God Bible about this verse: “The standoff between Moses and Pharoah is coming to a climax.   The hour is set: midnight is a turning point. This story invites us to see the Midnight hour as a symbol both of death and liberation.” Then God tells them, “This day shall be a day of remembrance for you. You chall celebrate it as a festival to the Lord.” (Exodus 12:14)

I love that God told them ahead of time that this would be a time of remembrance and celebration, because  I don’t know that I would have felt like celebrating. I bet  they  didn’t either yet they did celebrate, because God told them to.   When our lives become hectic or uncertain, our inclination is to put our celebrations on hold.  But maybe  when we choose  to celebrate even in the midst of darkness and uncertainty, it is a  way we make  a Divine Connection.

Here are some things to consider as you  are mindful of God through celebration this week: (you can use these as journaling prompts)

  • How can I  incorporate more  celebrations in the everyday rhythms of my life to be mindful of God?
  • What sets apart the special and sacred in  my life?
  • Do  I have any turning points to celebrate? Does  my spouse or child?
  • What makes it feel like celebration?
  • What are  my children learning from my example about how to celebrate?  Does it turn their minds to God?

So this week, whether it is as simple as celebrating the end of the day with a bubblebath or creating a beautiful Easter brunch, I pray your celebrations raise your worship to God.

God’s Peace,

Leslie Stewart

“Death is not extinguishing the light. It is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.” ~Tagore

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