Today we are going back in time. To a simpler time. Well, maybe not exactly simpler considering how long it used to take me to do my 80s hair… We are going back to high school! We aren’t REALLY going back.   Please!   Get a hold of yourself.   We are just PRETEND going back for this week’s short attention span interview via Twitter: Short Attention Span Interviews FEAT The short question: If you could (or had to) go back to high school, would you play sports? The short answers: @halftimelessons: ABSOLUTELY I would do sports again.   But this time, I would be picked 1st, have women swoon when I played, and not worn short shorts. @MomsOutloudDFW:   You betcha!   I played basketball (of course!) and was a cheerleader (don’t laugh!).   Being on a team is essential! @TheRealDan:   I would definitely play sports – baseball, football and tennis! @beckypearce:   If I had it to do over again I wouldn’t change a thing.   Except maybe the bad boyfriend decisions I made but who wouldn’t? @screweduptexan:   The only sport I’d play if I HAD to go back to HS is Hunting for Men. @Texasholly: Don’t make me go back. *assumes fetal position in a corner* If you would like to participate in Short Attention Span Interviews, just follow @BurbMom on twitter and join in!   Burb Mom follows Dallas-Fort Worth tweeps only – so it is all local, all the time.

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