Central Park – Lewisville

I think Central Park in Lewisville is one of the prettiest places in North Texas. The trees are large and cover the majority of the park. Even a majority of the two massive play structures remain in the shade during the summer.

There are wide open spaces at Central Park and paved trails to explore. The park provides multiple gazebos and covered picnic areas. There is even a large restroom facility.

A winding road with parking weaves through the park. This allows for parking near the play areas without a problem on most weekdays – in the shade.

Picnic tables are everywhere in Central Park that seem to get good use. We weren’t the only ones picnicking this week on a school-day around noon…

What a happy place.

Central Park is located off Edmonds Lane just North of Corporate Drive.


  1. I have to agree….Central Park is my favorite park in the area! Something about ALL the trees…

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