Give the Gift of Cooking

Sweet Alex had her 5th birthday last month. I’ve never racked my brains as hard as I did trying to come up with a gift for this little girl who literally has everything. Refusing to buy one more gift that would be looked at once, maybe twice and tossed in the closet with gifts of years past, my creative juices finally took over. The cooking class gift idea was born.
As someone who loves, respects and enjoys food, I realized this golden opportunity to teach Alex about my passions. Just as important, I could give her the gift of my dedicated time, energy and enthusiasm for her and only her.   Often, we think that our children “crave” sweets, junk or even carbohydrates. In reality,   our time and attention is all that any child craves.   We also know that kids eat better when they are involved in the process of creating food.
spatula, whisk kids cooking supplies
Photo credit to Broadway Panhandler
If you love food and cooking, consider the gift of a cooking class taught by you!
  • Take the birthday boy or girl grocery shopping and allow them to select the actual ingredients you’ll be using
  • Provide the child with age appropriate cooking utensils and tools-think mini cutting board, plastic whisks & spoons or a children’s apron, chef’s coat or toque (hat)
  • Provide recipes for the kiddo to take home to share with Mom and Dad
  • Take pictures of the process and snap a finished product to place on the recipe
If you love food and cooking but the idea of having kids in the kitchen makes you break out in hives:
  • Consider food related gifts that are age appropriate- a gift certificate to an actual cooking school, cookbooks, dinner or lunch at a restaurant of their choice or cooking utensils
  • A trip to a local Farmer’s Market or U-Pick farm
  • A trip to a bakery, chocolatier or cheese maker to watch true artisans at work. Ask for a behind the scenes tour and samples!
  • Make a donation in the child’s name to a food bank, pantry or soup kitchen and volunteer with the child at the organization of his/her choice
The class is happening on June 25. Alex hasn’t stopped asking about it since she received the certificate and has inquired as to how she might go about obtaining a six week class instead of just one.

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