It has been 56 hours since I last nursed Presley. And holy moly, I am so engorged and uncomfortable! I was down to only nursing her early in the morning, around 5:45a.m. But when I woke up yesterday I didn't feel like I had any milk in there so I didn't want to chance nursing her and then have to go make a bottle, and then her get all awake and not go back to sleep like she usually does. So just like that, I was done nursing. I was really glad that I didn't know when the last time was while it was happening or else I would have cried the entire time and felt depressed all day. But this way, it came and went without me even realizing it. I felt fine until about 2:00 yesterday when I started feeling a bit full, but I still planned to go to the gym. At 4:00 I realized there was no way I could get on a treadmill with these puppies. By 6:30 I was calling my DH, begging him to stop by the store on his way home and get me some cabbage. I read in my breastfeeding book that this may help and as crazy as it seemed I was feeling desperate. uses for cabbage He came home with cabbage in both the purple and green varieties “ he wasn't sure which one was the magical cabbage. I went for the green and within 30 minutes I was feeling some relief! Maybe this is psychological, like a placebo effect, but I ™m telling you I think it helped! So this morning after my shower, I stuffed my bra with cabbage, put on my shirt, and asked my dear husband if he could tell. He answered correctly “ No “ so off I went. I took Rylan to school, and then we went to Presley's helmet adjustment appointment in Dallas. As I was sitting in the patient room at Cranial Technologies, I kept checking Presley's diaper because I smelled something. She was just wet. As I paid and made the next appointment I smelled it again. Maybe it was something in the office? I got to the parking garage at the Galleria and decided that it just wasn't very chic to wear cabbage leaves inside Nordstrom, so I took them out. And got a major whiff of that funny odor I smelled for the past hour. I can only hope that others didn't smell me, and if they did, that they assumed it was Presley's diaper. That’s right, just blame it on the baby! But as soon as I got home the cabbage leaves went back in. I just pray Rylan doesn't see because I can imagine many embarrassing scenarios that could stem from that one. (“My mommy wears lettuce in her shirt!”) When Stephanie isn’t stuffing veggies in her bra, she blogs about her other wild and crazy adventures at

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