Kids Say The Darndest Things

Kids say the darndest things.

Sometimes they just talk too much. They don’t understand that there are some things you can talk about just among the family and some things that shouldn’t be repeated to just any living person walking by them.

An excited 6 year old especially enjoys telling the world about his every thought and every thing that excites him. Surely the whole world is waiting with bated breath to hear what he has to say, right?

We have always loved BBQ Restaurant A. The food is great, the price is reasonable, and it’s right by our house. Not to mention, we’re on their mailing list and they always send us great coupons for free food.

When Nicholas was little, he loved BBQ Restaurant A too. If we mentioned going out to eat, he always asked to go to BBQ Restaurant A. He even had his “usual” food order – kids meal with BBQ ribs and corn on the cob. He was only about 2 or 3 years old at the time so he got pretty messy from gnawing on those drippy BBQ ribs.

little boy eating BBQ.

One day we happened to stumble across another BBQ restaurant completely by accident. BBQ Restaurant B is a little farther away from home. They are more expensive than BBQ Restaurant A. And with their layout it’s a little bit challenging to manage getting your food and getting to your table with a toddler in tow since you have to carry a tray. BBQ Restaurant B also does not offer coupons. However, we’ve all fallen in love with the food and atmosphere at BBQ Restaurant B. Sometimes we feel a little bit guilty about not being loyal to BBQ Restaurant A since we spent so many years loving it. But we can’t help it – BBQ Restaurant B is our new favorite BBQ joint.

Recently we had an opportunity to go back to BBQ Restaurant A with a great coupon for a free entree. I love those kind of coupons!

We got seated and our waitress came over to introduce herself. She asked, “Have you been to BBQ Restaurant A before?”

**** Cue excited 6 year old who has too much to say ****

Nicholas replied, “Yes! We used to come here all the time. But now we have a new favorite barbeque restaurant. We only came here because we have a coupon.”

Oh my goodness! He didn’t just say that?!!

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