Drama Daze in Flower Mound

drama daze

Kids have incredible imaginations and they loves to act and pretend.

My son spends most of his play time acting or making up scenarios. Even in the car, he wants me to work with him as we create story lines and “act” them out as we are driving down the road.

My husband and I have been suggesting that he try some acting classes because we think it would be a great fit for him. But he never wants to do it because he doesn’t want to get up in front of a big crowd.

What?! My comedian and oh-so-loud little guy is SHY???

But last year he agreed to try a half day drama class through Drama Daze.   It was great.   There was no long term commitment for expensive classes in case he decided to quit.   And the performance was very short and it was not open to the public so the audience only included the parents of the other students.

She Is Dallas Info:   Drama Daze is produced by the Flower Mound High School Theatre.   It will take place on Friday, August 12, 2011 at the Flower Mound High School Auditorium.   Due to high demand last year, they are now offering two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.   Cost is $40 per student and includes snacks and a t-shirt.   Registration needs to be postmarked by Aug 6th to be sure that your child gets a t-shirt.   For more information, please visit Drama Daze on the web

We dropped him off at 8:00 am this morning and he seemed excited to go off to class.   They learned about costumes, makeup, music, dance, skits, and even played some fun games.

We came back at 11:30 am to watch the performance. We got there a little early to be sure we got good seats on the front row.

What a ham! He just had to steal attention even before the show starts!

kid looking under theater curtain

And he says he’s shy!

His group performed one song. They sang and danced to “Hard Knocks of Life” from Annie.   It was short but just the right amount of time for an introductory experience up on stage.

kids on stage

I was so proud to see him on stage having a blast!

And now he says he can’t wait to take more acting lessons.

kids on the side of the stage

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