Often times I’m only half-listening to my four year old when he drones on and on converses with me about everything from:

“Mom, the number of the day is 7 and the letter of the day is B” or

“Which train do you like better, Thomas or Percy?” or

“Mom, what’s 2 minus 4?” (do I really have to explain how negative numbers work this early?)

and then today, after getting in trouble, it was:

“Mom, I wish a T-Rex lived with you. Then he would eat you up.”

woman covering ears

I’ll admit it, a lot of times I just respond with, “Really,” and it’s not “Really?”, you know, with a question mark. It’s “Really.” As in OH MY GOSH PLEASE STOP TALKING YOU ARE HURTING MY EARS. Because these conversations start to wear you out sometime after about 10am.

And each time I respond that way it sounds familiar, like I’ve heard this response and tone from someone else. Then I realized: It’s my husband.

For instance, when I told him about my crazy pool day (see Mommish.com: Pool Day: A Comedy of Errors ), while all my girlfriends responded with an appropriate OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU KIDDING?, All he said was a flat, unaffected “Really.”

I called him out on the fact that he often responds to me the same way I do to our kids and he did not deny it. He said something along the lines of: “You say so many things that I have to filter through it all and just pay attention to the important parts.”

No offense taken. I’m a girl. Girls talk. It’s how we are made. I’m pretty sure this video sums it up perfectly – Proof that we are BORN this way.

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